Monday, 24 August 2020

CBD In Skincare

 It's no secret that the world of beauty consumers are becoming students, we're becoming more and more knowledgeable every day; wanting to really get down to the nitty-gritty of skincare, whether it be about the ingredients, how they work or how to properly layer your skincare. 

An ingredient that has taken the beauty world by storm is CBD - Cannabidiol, although studies have found this ingredient has a drastic improvement when taken internally for insomnia, anxiety and stress levels when applied topically to the skin CBD for skincare can also have some great effects on skin conditions such as acne, skin dryness and overall stressed-out skin. 

Firstly on the skincare market, CBD found itself into oils and serums targeted toward the teenage population, experiencing breakouts from stressed-out skin and hormonal changes. I myself have used a few different CBD infused serums and oils and have actually had really pleasant experiences with all of them such as brands Kiehl's and Revolution - so premium and drugstore/affordable ranges have got some really great offerings if you're wanted to try integrating CBD into your skincare routine. I have some hormonal acne on my chin due to the time of the month with an influx in hormones and birth control and whilst that's an internal issue so can't be miraculously cured with a topical treatment - I've found using CBD products on my skin, really calms down the redness and inflammation so it's a real winner for me and something I'd recommend to anyone who just wants to help their skin calm down.

The main factor that drew me toward CBD skincare was definitely the skin-calming effects and reducing any breakout inflammation but now I've reached the age of 25, I'm really starting to consider anti-ageing as part of my skincare routine and that's where this revolutionary ingredient Cannabidiol also comes into play. Your skin can prematurely age from all sorts of ways, including free radicals which can damage the overall health of your skin - causing it to age quicker and lose that healthy 'bounce'. CBD can counteract that damage from those nasty free radical particles due to its anti-inflammatory properties - amazing!

Here are some of the CBD based products that I have in my collection below. One of my personal favourites is the CBD essence spray from Revolution which is also infused with Calendula extract which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and just feels so soothing on the skin - perfect for when you're feeling a little stressed! There's also CBD themed/infused makeup and I've written about Revolution's Cannabis Sativa collection here if you'd like to take a read.

Going back to the benefits of CBD in skincare, once acne/breakouts start to calm down and heal you can sometimes be left with flakiness and dryer skin that what you're used to - CBD is also incredible at improving hydration in your skin too! 

CBD/Cannabidiol really is a revolutionary ingredient, so natural and carries so many benefits from calming breakouts, reducing inflammation and redness and anti-ageing. I feel as the year goes on the beauty world will see so many beauty products infused with this calming ingredient. 

Have you tried any products with CBD and what are your thoughts? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

*This post contains a paid placement for The CBD guide via GetBlogged, all opinions are my own as always.

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