Monday, 10 August 2020

Biodegradable Skincare | Bolt Beauty

 I'm always down for trying out beauty products that are vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable which is exactly what the brand Bolt Beauty is all about...

Bolt Beauty has four main products; 'Filthy Clean' - a cleanser, 'Mad About Moisture' - a moisturiser, 'Vitamin A Game' - a Retinol serum and 'Glow Don't Shine' - a mattifying moisturiser. Out of these four sustainable skincare products, I have the 'Vitamin A Game' and have been testing it out for a week to get a feel for the product, the concept and the ethos behind the brand. 

The Vitamin A Game capsules retail for £50 and you get 100 in the pot, now £50 does sound steep when you first learn how much they are, however - when you work that out, it's actually 50p per application which is incredible really and once you work out the work that goes into the skincare and the thought behind the brand, I would say the price fits just right. 

The key ingredients for the Vitamin A Game are of course Retinol and Vitamin E, which are really going to help to stimulate collagen production (Retinol) and improve the overall health of your skin, Retinol is a proven ingredient by dermatologists that decreases the signs of skin ageing too so being a young lady who's just hit the age of 25, this is definitely something I've begun to incorporate into my skincare routine, and remember - SPF every day!

So what exactly goes into Bolt Beauty to make it sustainable? The big jar that you start off with is designed to be for life, then you can buy the refills which not only are the capsules biodegradable themselves but the bags they come in are compostable too - simply pop them in your compost bin! As mentioned previously, the capsules are made from a seaweed called Carrageenan which helps to create a livelihood for local farmers and when growing helps to suck up CO2 emissions - I'm honestly mind blown by how in-depth Bolt Beauty have thought out their production and ethos of their brand! 

The application of this Vitamin A serum was super smooth, the dimethicone in this serum definitely factored in for that - which gives that smooth feeling and helps to blur out pores (I personally find) and didn't feel greasy at all, I was so impressed at how much you get in one tiny capsule and that's really all you need for a full face application, you can see a live application in this Instagram video here. As I've been trying this out for around a week or so, I've noticed my skin feels smoother and I will keep using these drops in my nighttime skincare routine. 

Sustainable skincare for the win! Check out Bolt Beauty here

Have you heard of Bolt Beauty? What are your thoughts and ideas on making your beauty routine more sustainable?

Thanks for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

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  2. Recently, I have come across this brand on instagram. I would love to try these capsules, sounds great ��



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