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Skincare By Beauty Bay - Review

The online beauty shopping destination Beauty Bay have come out with their own affordable skincare line - yes you read that right! I've tried their makeup products before and I loved them, so I was so keen to try out their skincare offerings...

I'm a self confessed skincare junkie these days, learning about the ingredients and molecules just does something to my brain and I get so invested in the formulas of what I'm putting on my skin, I just wish I had this enthusiasm in chemistry at school! It's such a contrast that I'm now so into skincare, as only a few years ago I was a makeup wipe (I know - gasp!) kind of girl. 

Beauty Bay have brought out an assortment of affordable, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, with prices ranging from as low as £5 to just £7.50 for individual products or they've come out with two sets of products, which are only £25.50 and £31.50 - both containing a minimum of four products, which I think is an amazing price which will appeal to a younger audience or anyone on a budget for sure. 

Out of the selection of products I decided to go with the 'Skintroduction Set' (£25.50) which contains; the 'Super Jelly Cleansing Gel', the 'Skin Fixer Clay Mask', the 'SkinHit Soothing Serum' and the 'Day One Moisturiser' which had everything I would need to get a feel for the range but the 'Acid Trip Exfoliating Toner' caught my eye as well, so I added that straight to my basket too. On launch day, Beauty Bay were doing a great little add on that if you purchased two or more products, you'd get a cute little eye mask/headband added to your order for free. Which was so cute and I really wanted it; of course it didn't count if you got a set though, which I was a little gutted about but that's of course not the important thing - how did the products perform and what are the ingredients in these affordable skincare formulas? 

This is a super, super gentle gel cleanser which has absolutely no foam, it's directed toward all skin types and there's no info on it that specifies you can't use it around the eye area, which I'm always a massive fan of as I much prefer a cleanser that you can do your whole face and eyes with. Beauty Bay claims that this cleansing gel 'supports balanced and healthy-looking skin that feels fresh, cleansed and revitalised' - I would definitely agree that my skin felt fresh and revitalised after use but I wouldn't say that this would be a cleanser that gives a deep clean, if you're wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen I would personally suggest to use this as a second or morning cleanse. 

Ingredients wise, the second highest ingredient in this formula is Glycerin which is a humectant which attracts water into the outer layers of your skin; from further into your skin and is in so many skincare products as when mixed with other moisturising ingredients, really helps to trap moisture in the skin. Next up, we have Avocado Oil which helps to keep the skin supple and soft - also becoming very popular in skincare products and I feel I can definitely smell it on application, it's a really calm soft smell. 

Beauty Bay advise to 'gently massage 1-2 pumps onto wet skin in circular motions, then rinse thoroughly with warm water' if you just want a simple cleanse. If you want to take off light makeup you should use 'an extra pump and thoroughly massage into dry skin before removing with a warm, damp muslin cloth', - I found this cleanser lovely to use in the morning as it made my face feel soothed and ready for makeup application. I wouldn't say it's very thorough at taking off heavy makeup though so if you're wearing a medium coverage foundation and a few layers, I'd recommend using this as your second cleanse (it's really important to go in with a second cleanse if you're wearing makeup/SPF so you can get a deep clean) rather than your first makeup removal cleanse. 

I do really like this cleanser and adore how gentle it is - perfect for skin in need of some TLC and would highly recommend, especially to those drier skin types. 

Okay wow, this clay mask is like none other that I've tried - and that's definitely something that I wouldn't have guessed I would be saying as most clay masks tend to be very similar in consistency, application and results. This Beauty Bay Skin Fixer Clay Mask has the softest texture I've ever seen in a clay mask, it feels so unbelievably smooth on application and has an oily type liquid that separates slightly from the mask - in a nice way! Which I'm guessing is what keeps this mask super soft. 

Kaolin features as the main ingredient in this affordable skin treatment for congested skin - which has been used for years and is incredibly popular in skincare products at absorbing any excess oil from the skin, as well as controlling oil production too. This proved amazing around my nose area, where if you watch my YouTube video here and my Instagram video here, you can see the build up of oil being lifted out by the mask which is a little gross to look at but is also somewhat satisfying. The mask also contains a PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid) which are much gentler acids compared to BHA's & AHA's which gently exfoliate the skin, so even sensitive skins I would say could work with this product - of course, do a little patch test if you're nervous about trying it out beforehand. Usually, when I apply a clay based face mask, when I go to moisten the mask after it's dried on my face with a warm face cloth, I feel a slight 'tingling' sensation and my face can go a little pink afterward - I used to think this was a normal reaction however looking into it, I can see my face may be a little bit sensitive as this mask didn't do that at all and was comfortable to take off. 

On the Beauty Bay site, they recommend this for 'normal, oily and combination' skin types so not necessarily for drier skin types which is something to bear in mind, so if you're a little on the drier side I would personally recommend using this mask once a week and just in the concentrated areas where you do produce more oil than the rest of your face (usually the t-zone and chin). That way, you aren't drying out the parts of your face that need to cling onto that oil. Something I found really interesting is that Beauty Bay also say you can mix some of their 'SkinHit' serums (which I'll move onto shortly) into the Skin Fixer Clay Mask to customise your routine, which I thought was really cool and I've yet to try but it's good to know and I definitely will be trying out a little concoction of a mask at a later date. 

I absolutely love this mask and I cannot wait to use it again - after a few days of filming makeup tutorials my skin definitely needs that congestion cleared up and this fits perfectly. It's also going to last me such a long time as you don't need that much product and the pot is a decent size of 95ml.

Out of all five products that I've tried, this is definitely one of my favourites (please don't make me decide because I can't!) and I need to talk about the packaging - I know that's definitely not the most important part when it comes to skincare, but it definitely adds to the overall experience. It has a really neat twist open and close lid, that reveals a little hole to tap the toner out, either onto a cotton pad or into your hands and press into the skin and I just think that's really cool - it's the little things in life isn't it! 

This toner is for exfoliating and is designed to just be used in the evening (oops - I think I may have used it in the morning as well, nothing bad happened to my skin as far as I could tell though!) and Beauty Bay recommend only 2-3 times a week if you're more on the sensitive side due to the AHA's. I touched on AHA's earlier briefly when talking about the Skin Fixer Clay Mask - their full name is Alpha Hydroxy Acids and they help to peel away the top layers of your skin, which when used - you'll typically notice an instant 'glow' to the skin due to the exfoliating properties. The third highest ingredient in this toner is Glycolic Acid which is an incredibly popular AHA and I see it everywhere - it really does help bring out that glow from within look, it's also good to note to ease your skin into Glycolic Acid as you don't want to overdo it and irritate your skin. 

Beauty Bay recommend this toner for all skin types and also recommend to use an SPF during the day, the night after using this product - as your skin may be a little more susceptible to sun damage as the top layers of skin have been exfoliated away. They've also discouraged the use of other acids, Retinol or Vitamin C when using this toner as your skin may be more sensitive and your skin is so delicate so you definitely want to look after it! 

I really loved this toner and out of all the products, it went down in the bottle the most - maybe I was using a little bit too much! It didn't sting or anything uncomfortable and felt very refreshing, it'll definitely be a repurchase in the future for sure. 

Let's start off by talking about how affordable this serum is! I think £5 for a serum is absolutely incredible, serums tend to be the priciest part of a skincare routine as they're your most potent step of your skincare so I was so delighted to see how affordable Beauty Bay's serum offerings are. They have brought out 5 different serums; Soothing- £5, Brightening - £6.50, Correcting - £5.95, Hydrating - £5.95 and Clarifying - £6.50. 

This serum has a blue colour to it but goes away when you apply to the face - so don't worry you won't be looking like a smurf! This blue tone actually comes from the Copper PCA ingredient, which helps to control the oil levels on your skin, reduce lines over time which in turn will help with any texture on the skin, you'd like to smooth out which is perfect for my hormonal chin area! Niacinimide is the second highest ingredient in this product which is amazing and is definitely becoming the new star of the show in skincare ingredients these days. This sort after ingredient helps to brighten the skin tone whilst adding overall clarity, strengthens the skins barrier and also to minimise enlarged pores so it's really great for skins that are prone to breaking out and it's so soothing - hence the name Soothing Serum

I thoroughly enjoyed using this serum in my skincare routine, for now it has been put to the side as I have other serums I need to finish - but I'm looking forward to using this in my routine again. I found it helped calm down any inflammation and brightened my skin tone too! Definite must in my opinion. 

Again, an amazing price point for a moisturiser - and 125ml too, the bottle is huge and you really don't need a lot of product either so you won't be breaking the bank for this daily moisturiser. Beauty Bay have also released a richer moisturiser - the Thirst Trap Rich Moisturiser - £7 which I'm also keen to try as a night cream as I loved this moisturiser for underneath my makeup, it soaked into the skin nicely and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. 

An ingredient and benefit that I found really fascinating and exciting in this formula is Indian Ginseng which supposedly, helps to shield your skin from screen-emitted light as let's face it, we're all attached to screens and that's myself included. The Day One moisturiser also contains Squalane - which is derived from olives and is an amazing moisturising ingredient that's really easily absorbed into the skin so you don't have that film that you sometimes get on the surface of your skin from other moisturisers. I love this product and this is also something that Beauty Bay say you can mix with one of the SkinHit serums, i'm thinking the Brightening Serum would work lovely with this method. 

An added little bonus that I really like with this product is that Beauty Bay have said this is safe to apply under your eye, which you don't often find in face moisturisers so you don't necessarily need to invest in an eye cream to hydrate that area.

If you would like to see around about a weeks worth of skincare footage/live application and review at the time of application check out my YouTube video below; 

As you can tell, I'm blown away by Beauty Bay's skincare range and it's something I'll definitely be incorporating into my daily routine and recommending onto friends and family. For such an affordable price point the products are accessible for everyone, they all have a handy QR code to scan to find out how to properly recycle once you're done and as they're vegan and cruelty-free too, this ticks all the boxes for me and I couldn't be happier with the products - check out the rest of the Skincare by Beauty Bay range here. I'm a big fan of Beauty Bay as you can tell and have reviewed the Identity palette here and also their 16 colour nudes palette here, if you fancy another read and would like to check out their cosmetics too.

What are your favourite skincare products? I'd love to know! 

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo


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