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How To Wear Colourful Eyeshadow

As a makeup obsessed content creator, I often get asked how to be brave with a colourful eyeshadow look, or just by friends on how to wear a different shade than a warm bronze or a shimmery champagne colour across the lid and honestly - anyone can do it! I'd love to see more people sporting colourful eyeshadow looks and not to be afraid of a pop or splash of colour and I'm going to run you through how I created this look and how you can tailor it to your taste if you want to dip into the realm of colour. 

1. Pick Your Palette

When creating a more 'wearable' look - and I quote 'wearable' as to me, any makeup look is wearable, you've just got to embrace it! I tend to think back to learning about the colour wheel at school - which colours blend into each other like a beautiful gradient, and which will create a muddy colour in the middle. Google 'colour wheel' and go from there - even have a play with some shades on the back of your hand to see if they blend nicely into each other, or look good side by side!

2. Placement

Everyone will have a different go-to eyeshadow shape for their makeup, I like experimenting with halo eyes and rounder shapes from time to time but I definitely prefer a more blown-out cat-eye shape for my almond, partially hooded eyes - I really feel that this pulls them out more and gives them more of a sultry look. Colours have various depths to them, so once you've got a placement shape in mind you can then go in with the colour scheme you've chosen - as I wanted to create a blown-out shape, the darkest/deepest shade will go on the outer corner of the crease which will pull out the eye further. Next up, the mid-tone shade, which will help blend across to the lightest shade you have picked, which then goes around the inner corner/inner section and this will also help to 'open' up the eyes and add some vibrance to the look! 

3. Adding Sparkle - Many Options

So now you've got your crease down, this makes it so much easier for the rest of the look - do you want to add a colour shimmer shade or at this point, you can even swap that for a shimmery gold like I've done below to make it a tiny bit more toned down. You can either use a flat synthetic brush (this helps to pick up the pigment more than a fluffier brush) and pack on the chosen lid shade/s straight away or, you could go the extra mile and cut the crease using a concealer/eyeshadow base. Cutting the crease is a technique that if you haven't been doing makeup obsessively, can seem daunting at first but it's actually quite easy once you get the hang of it and you'll never look back as you'll always want that crisp, cut crease look which is so instagrammable. 

4. Finishing Touches - Liner & Lashes!

Your eyeshadow look is complete, and I always personally find that colourful makeup looks are always finished with the final step of a liner of choice (in my look below I've actually used a navy blue liner rather than black for sunset vibes) and some fluttery lashes. These ones shown below are by  Flutter Lashes in the style of 'Irresistible Ersatz' and you can get a pack of 3 from here for £12.50 which is amazing and it works out to £4.16 a lash! These long, fluttery lashes are my favourite styles to use when working with bold colour, as when you open your eyes, you can still see your artwork peeking through. 

I hope this helps to give you a little step into the world of colour - definitely don't be afraid of it, makeup is here to have fun with and gets our creative side out! Thanks so much to for sponsoring this post, I'd definitely recommend checking out their site for great deals on lashes and free 1st class delivery over £10!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, 
Shiv xoxo

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