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ABH X Amrezy Palette

I've been such a huge fan of Amrezy, ever since I really got into the glamour side of Instagram - she's such a queen and always looks flawless and she's someone who I really look up to. She doesn't let anyone walk all over her and knows exactly what she's worth - plus she nails that soft glam vibe every time. A true goddess and she's from my favourite place in the world - New York, and she's a Gemini too, so that instantly makes us best friends right? I remember posting a video on Instagram a few years back of me posing and winking at the end, which I tagged her in and she replied back saying I need to teach her how to wink and she followed me! I am a #rezyrider for life! So, of course - when Norvina and Amrezy (the queens of the makeup world) announced they were bringing out another collaboration, I undoubtedly had to get my hands on the new eyeshadow palette and be a part of #ABHXAmrezy. 

I got the palette on the UK launch day from Beauty Bay for £49, which certainly isn't an affordable palette by any means however this is a luxury cosmetics brand. The palette is longer than most Anastasia palettes and actually contains 16 beautiful shades, rather than the usual 14 shades, so that works out at £3.50 an eyeshadow, which when you think about it isn't too bad at all, and the shades are housed in a beautifully barbie glam, pink glittery case with a mirror. The packaging is such a winner for me and is definitely a palette I'm putting on display in my bedroom - it screams Amrezy glam vibes. 

There are so many possibilities with this palette and it's definitely going to become one of my most used palettes, the shade range is just beautiful and I love how there's plenty of shimmers and mattes to work with; you can create anything from a simple soft glam vibe, to a super sparkly night out look or to a sultry date night smokey eye. The formula of the shadows is consistent with that true Anastasia Beverly Hills brand quality. The mattes are smooth, pigmented and easy to blend - a little bit of fall out/'kick back', which was a phrase that stirred around the beauty community when the Subculture palette came out a few years ago. This 'kick back' is essentially where the shadows are that pigmented and not very hard pressed into the pan, that when you swirl or tap your eyeshadow brush into the shadow, some of the powder will come out of the pan - this isn't something that personally bothers me, as I'll just dust it off and the majority of the time I do my eyes first anyway. The shimmers in the palette such as 'Cupcake', which was my main lid colour for Valentine's Day, are beautiful and super reflective, and you've got some beautiful more glittery shades such as 'Barb' which made a gorgeous eyeshadow topper. 'Leo' is such a stunning, beautiful shade that would be perfect for summer time and this time round, I used it as a pop of colour in my inner corner which I loved.

We're only into February of 2020, and there's been so many amazing new eyeshadow palette launches already that it only makes me wonder on what else 2020 will bring to the world of makeup fanatics? So far, this is definitely my favourite makeup launch and I would recommend this to any makeup lover for their collection - such a beautiful investment! You can purchase from Beauty Bay here. I actually purchased Amrezy's full LipLand collection when it came out a few years ago, and of course got my hands on the Amrezy Highlighter which I reviewed here - it's the most stunning highlighter ever and I really hope they eventually make it permanent and are just teasing us with it being limited edition! I expect nothing but the best quality from the power queens Norvina and Amrezy combined. 

Here's my video review and tutorial which you can watch below or here, I plan to do some more looks using the palette very soon so do make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my Instagram page here

I'm absolutely obsessed with this palette and am so glad I managed to get my hands on it, I think it's definitely worth the investment! Will you be picking up this beautiful palette?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xo


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