Thursday, 29 August 2019

Sample Beauty The Paradigm Shift Palette Review - Is It Worth The Hype?!

Sample Beauty are a brand that I've been lusting after trying out for way too long and I'm so happy that I finally have my creative mitts on one of their palettes - the Paradigm Shift Palette Volume 2. This palette has taken the likes of Instagram makeup artists by storm and I wanted in too, all of the looks created with the palette look amazing and are so creative. 

The Paradigm Shift palette contains 35 gorgeous shades, with a mixture of 30 mattes and 5 shimmer shades and retails for £40 which works out roughly £1.14 an eyeshadow which is pretty amazing! I had signed up to Sample Beauty's newsletters a while ago so that when I did get round to purchasing a palette, I could hopefully grab one with a cheeky discount and I did! They had a sneaky 50% sale so I got the palette for £20 which was incredible - definitely sign up to their newsletters for discount codes too, as I'm writing this review post the palette is on sale for £30 which is amazing - you can grab it here

Let's talk a little bit about the brand Sample Beauty first; the creative brand was founded by Clodagh Bell in June 2016 and she left her job to focus on her dream and the brand has well and truly taken off like a rocket! Well at least I think so anyway, I highly rate that and it makes me love the brand and Clo even more that her brand is fulled by creativity and dreams. 

This eyeshadow palette has to be the one that really called out to me out of all the other eyeshadow palettes - there's quite a lot to choose from! To me, it's the perfect multi use palette and with so many 'rainbow' style eyeshadow palettes on the market now, (which is amazing as it shows more and more makeup lovers are becoming obsessed with colour!) I love how there's a black and white included as well as a few gorgeous shimmers and different tones of colour to make the palette more interesting and versatile, than just a regular 'rainbow' palette. 

I haven't yet dipped into the shimmer shades however I definitely will do soon and have a few looks in mind, so keep an eye out on my Instagram page here for that. The matte shades are absolutely phenomenal and I'm so impressed with the yellow shade as I find a lot of more inexpensive yellows tend to go quite chalky as the pigment is hard to make - this one blends like a dream and is stunningly pigmented. The aqua blue (3rd row down, 5th column across) is the real show-stopper shade for me, the pigment/colour pay off of this shade is out of this world and is honestly a reason to get this palette for your collection alone. All of the shadows blend like a dream, are incrediblly pigmented and this palette has really got my creative juices flowing. 

If you couldn't tell already, I'm utterly obsessed with this new addition to my palette collection and am so excited to create more and more looks with it! Check out Sample Beauty's site here.

Check out the video tutorial and review below:

Do you own anything from Sample Beauty? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading and until next time,
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