Friday, 31 August 2018

Morphe X Jaclyn Hill: The Vault Collection

Out of all of the amazing beauty launches so far this year, 'The Vault Collection' which is a collaboration from Morphe Brushes with Jaclyn Hill, really got me excited. 

The Vault Collection consists of 4 eyeshadow palettes, each with a different theme of 10 eyeshadows. These eyeshadows are some of the shades Jaclyn couldn't fit into her original Morphe palette collaboration which I've not yet got around to trying out but I've heard it's amazing and know many people who use it. The Vault Collection retails for £42 on and I really don't think that's bad going for 40 eyeshadows! Alternatively, you can buy the palettes separately for £15 each if you're on a budget or just want to try one of the palettes. I love how aesthetically pleasing the packaging is and it goes really nicely on my dressing table. 

First up in the palettes is the 'Dark Magic' palette which is 'midnight scene' themed and screams sultry, smokey eyes to me. Out of all the palettes, I think this will actually be my least used palette due to the fact it has a few cool toned shades which just aren't the most flattering on my eye colour as I feel like they really wash the green out of my eyes. Saying that, the colour 'Power Cut' is an absolutely beautiful silver with some taupe undertones and would look beautiful as a halo eye. From watching the original videos of the first vault collection before they discontinued the line and relaunched - I noticed that a lot of people had issues with the green shades; being patchy and not blending the greatest. When switching this palette, I didn't have any major problem with the green/blue shades - the criticism I have though is that 'Potion' which is the khaki green colour, you do have to build up so definitely bare that in mind if you're into your greens.

Next up on the makeup menu, we have 'Armed & Gorgeous' which I've worn twice now and I love it! I've created a makeup look with it here, if you'd like to see. I found that with the shade 'Smooth Criminal' which is a warm milk chocolate brown shade, you had to build this one up a little - but no major complaints and I still created a gorgeous eye makeup look. I'm obsessed with the shades 'Coin' & 'Classified' from this palette, they are completely stunning and so metallic, you need to swatch them for yourself, they work really well on top of a tacky base and applied with a damp synthetic brush for maximum wow power.

Out of these four gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, 'Bling Boss' has got to be my favourite, I've always been obsessed with purple and cranberry type tones of eyeshadows, they really make my green eyes 'pop' and make me feel like my best. The colour 'Gem' is the most perfect purple ever, it's very similar in my opinion to the bright purple in the Morphe 35P palette so I'm glad there's one like it in this more compact palette for me to use. If anyone reading this is an old school makeup junkie, you must've heard of the MAC eyeshadow called 'Beauty Marked' which was one of my favourite shadows and also one of my first MAC investments when I began to collect makeup. It's a black with pink and purple reflects and it's gorgeous. I can't believe I'm saying this but the colour 'Berry Treasure' from this Bling Boss palette is an improved version of that shadow, as when you pack this colour on the lid, the shimmer still shines through and is absolutely stunning! 

Lastly but certainly not least, is the 'Ring The Alarm' which is gorgeous and a warm toned eyeshadow lovers dreams, the orange shade 'Alert' screams Instagram to me and I love the shade 'Bomb Ass' which is gorgeous and is described as a 'gleaming hibiscus pink' and will look so gorgeous on brown or blue eyes! I've yet to use this palette yet but I will be posting a makeup look using each individual palette on my YouTube channel in the next upcoming weeks so definitely look out for that. 

Below is a picture of the look I created with the Armed & Gorgeous palette which I loved and felt so glam and sexy! You can watch the tutorial for it by either clicking here or watching the video below. Overall I'm obsessed with this collection and will definitely be reaching for one of the palettes every day - it would be fun to mix and match them too! The possibilities are endless. 

As you can probably tell from my review and video if you've watched it, I absolutely love this collection of palettes and think that despite any controversy surrounding Morphe & Jaclyn, they've done an amazing job and have pulled this out of the bag!

Till Next Time,

Shiv xoxo


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