Thursday, 21 June 2018

Primark Summer Tropical Makeup Collection; Review & Tutorial

Primark are really making a name for themselves in the beauty industry in the past year or so, with so many new launches and their quality increasing, they've also started to pay attention to trends and come out with some amazing dupes of higher end products as well as their own snazzy makeup products too, which are so affordable and I'm really impressed

During my most recent June Primark haul, I was browsing the makeup section and came across their new summer collection which is clearly inspired by a tropical feel, with palm leaves, flowers and bright colours and I'm so into it. Everyone loves a go-to bronzed, glowy summer look but I really love how Primark have stepped on the ball here and come out with lots of bright colours to be bold this summer at an affordable price. 

I picked up the 'Lip Tropica' matte lipstick collection, the 'Exotica' eyeshadow palette as well as a purple eyeliner pencil and baked blusher, as I'm not sure if they're part of the collection too, you can see them in action on my Youtube channel here

 The exotica eyeshadow palette retails for £4 and consists of 9 eyeshadows; 4 mattes, 3 shimmers and 2 shimmer/glitter shades in bold and fun colours, the shadows work out to 40p roughly per shadow which is amazing, especially if you're a makeup obsessed person who loves to create different looks! This palette really drew me in with the bold orange and pink matte shades as well as the purple shimmery colour, so up my street! The pink and orange matte shades blended beautifully into my crease with a fluffy brush and I had no issue with pigmentation here so really impressed with those. The only shadow in the palette I had a little trouble with would be the light purple matte shade as it looks a little darker in the pan than it goes onto the eye so just bear that in mind if you decide to go out and purchase this palette. I applied the gold shimmer shade on the main part of my lid with a cut crease style and had to build up the intensity quite a lot with multiple layers but this wasn't an issue for me, the shimmery purple is gorgeous - I'd honestly compare it to a higher end eyeshadow so I love that!

Next, we're on to the 'Lip Tropica' matte lipstick collection , this retails for £8 and comes with 4 matte lipsticks which works out at £2 a lipstick which is wicked and it comes with a cute little box too. I definitely would recommend exfoliating and moisturising your lips well beforehand as they are definitely on the matte side and can be a little drying but nothing a good lip balm prior can help! I feel this would be perfect as a gift for a young budding makeup artist, I really want to do a look with the two purple lipsticks as a cute ombre lip soon too.

 I would 100% recommend checking out this collection and think it's showing that the drugstore/lower end/high street beauty market are really upping their game when it comes to makeup, gone are the days of having to go to higher end brands to get some bold colours, really impressed.

You can check out my tutorial here using the collection:

Have you tried this collection or anything else from Primark's makeup range? What are your thoughts?

Till next time,

Shiv xo


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