Friday, 18 May 2018

Sigma 3DHD Blender Review - Will It Replace My Go To Beauty Sponge?

A good few years ago in the beauty community, the beauty sponges took the makeup world by storm and everyone was talking about the original beauty blender, a porous sponge that you dampen, squeeze out the excess water and bounce on your face to apply your foundation and concealer mainly.  I tried the original beauty blender and loved it, then other brands started to jump on the hype of the beauty sponge, with different shapes and attempted dupes. I discovered the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge in Superdrug for £6 and haven't gone back to the beauty blender since then. 

I was so intrigued to try Sigma's offerings of the beauty sponge - they call it their 3DHD blender, it has two large flat sides, one small flat side and a rounded edge with a sharp point on the end. It comes in black and pink and retails for £14.50 from Beauty Bay here if you're the UK and $15 from the Sigma Beauty website here if you're in the US (use shivonmakeupbiz for a cheeky discount).

Like all beauty sponges, it's smaller when dry and bigger once you've wet it, the dry sponge is above and the damp sponge below so you can see the difference, it's quite a lot! 

The sponge itself is really soft and I tested it out for myself the first time when I filmed this makeup tutorial here, the sharp point on the sponge is amazing, you really can get into all the nooks and crannies of your face - especially right by your eye without ruining your eyeshadow if you do that first like me. I've been using this sponge for a week solid now and feel like yes, it has replaced my miracle complexion sponge!

Have you tried this out? Let me know!

Till Next Time, Shiv xo

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