Friday, 25 May 2018

Love - A New Outlook

I've been there, in that situation of being single for three solid years. I've been there, of three solid years of being stood up, being messed around and being made to feel like I'm doing something wrong

This isn't going to be a negative post, this is going to be a very positive post all about my new outlook on all things love and how I feel that everyone will meet somebody out there for them, that makes them feel special, wanted and like their priority. If you're a person that tends to 'cringe' at a lot of things and aren't open minded then you most likely will not like this post and that's fine, do try to be a bit open minded though. 

The world needs more love, there can never be enough love - whether that's loving your friends and family or confessing your love for your partner. It's nearly a year on since I wrote a very short post about being stood up here, I've fallen in love with someone who has fallen in love with me and I couldn't be happier. 

 We need to eliminate this whole jumping straight to the 'cringe' word and realising that love is the most beautiful thing on this little planet, the more I see it and the more I'm open to it - the more love I feel, not only for my fella but also for everything and everyone around me.
 I actually ended up meeting my significant other through my workplace, we began as friends and he helped me through getting stood up, explaining to me that he didn't understand why I'd been stood up and messed about so much by anyone, let alone the same guy and I couldn't honestly understand either, what was I doing wrong? I'd be the best girlfriend. I'd make them feel as handsome as they are, look after them and make them laugh with my weird ways - what was happening? Nothing was happening, this was just not meant to be. The love came from such an unexpected place, my now boyfriend and I had been flirting here and there on the lead up to a work night out - where we ended up flirting some more.

We bonded over our love for drum & bass and had such a laugh, two days after this night out, we went on a chilled lunch date to a local italian restaurant and it was so natural. We were chatting for about 3/4 hours straight about everything and anything, there were 3 couples who ordered, ate and left in the time we were on our date. A few days after this date, I ventured all the way up to Birmingham to visit him (at this time he was staying in uni accommodation), we went for more food and played some computer games - sounds simple, but it was incredible.  A few months had passed and he'd asked me to be his girlfriend, I was at a music festival and he was at a family wedding. The whole day, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep, he was on my mind and I remember turning around to my friend during a set at the festival and saying 'I love him' and she asked me  'Aww can you feel it?', to which I smiled from ear to ear and said 'yeah'.  

I've never felt anything like it before, that feeling of love is the most euphoric feeling and I want everyone to experience it. The thought behind this post, is that I want to show everyone that it will get better, you will find the love of your life - it may not even be in a partner, it could even be in a friendship and be open to love. 

Photography by Kaye Ford.

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Till Next Time,
Shiv xoxo

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