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How I Found My Love For Blogging Again - Getting Out Of That Rut

Shiv is back, back again, Shiv is back, tell a friend. 
 It's no secret in saying that I've been so up and down in the blogosphere world in the past few years, my life has changed dramatically and for the better so it's all accustoming to the changes and getting settled before I dive back into my biggest passion in life - creating.
 I've always been a creative person, ever since I was a youngster; making dolls houses out of old cereal boxes, 'wiring' their house out of a reading light and printing them posters of boy bands to glue into the house. I would make scrapbooks full of different pages, some with photos of shoes, makeup and fashion. I'd accumulated a multitude of these books, one in particular I was really proud of was a little A5 notebook filled with advice snippets from magazines that I'd planned on giving to a future daughter and I'd called it my 'book of life advice', it was so cool to look through and I treasured it.

I remember trying to get back into my 'Youtube Mojo' last summer whilst I was living in a tiny little studio flat by myself, struggling to make ends meet  month by month, having mental health issues and just generally not having the greatest time. I thought I would be able to get back into it as a distraction from reality but the ideas just weren't coming through in the way I'd planned for them to and I couldn't understand what was going wrong.
I'd sit up late at night, doodling ideas into a planner and feeling frustrated at the fact that I couldn't think of anything new and  exciting to post, they were all the same ideas that I'd done before; a smokey eye tutorial, a review on an eyeshadow palette. I thought that it was the end of my Youtube/Blogging time as nothing 'new' could be created and I was so wrong. I remember saying to a blogger friend when we met up in London to take photos that 'I've just got to be realistic as it's all already been done.' This statement I said was just full of negativity and doubt in myself.

I had this mindset that I couldn't do the whole Youtube & Blog 'thing' anymore, because everyone was doing it and that's just a terrible way to think. I saw a tweet the other day (I've tried to find it to credit it via my likes on Twitter but I like too much to be able to find it haha) where it said something along the lines of 'If *an entrepreneur* had thought 'oh there's already *this* in the world, would he/she be the success that they are today?' That really struck a nerve with me, a good nerve too.  
 The whole reason the blogosphere is so massive and successful these days is because of how many hard working, passionate creators are behind it, lifting everybody up, promoting each other's content and making these social media platforms rise and rise with actual ways of obtaining an income, whilst being able to talk about what you bought from Primark (see my most recent Primark haul here), how you feel about the opposite sex or anything you damn well like, because it's your space on the internet.

In the past few months,  I've been reading more blogposts, looking at more Instagram posts, engaging more with other creators and watching more content. Fuelling my brain with inspiration and excitement for this world that I'm so happy to be in.  I've been doodling ideas but this time round with a different mindset, of content that I would want to watch, that makes me feel happy and creative, or would help someone in someway shape or form and I've been absolutely loving it.
I'd say if you're finding yourself in a bit of a creative 'rut' or 'writers block' is to take some steps back to why you first started creating your little space on the internet, was it because you wanted to show others how to feel empowered, to stand up for your beliefs or just simply to talk about your newest pair of fave shoes that you got in a 20% off sale from Topshop - all of these reasons are perfectly justifiable. You shouldn't have to fit into any mould, in fact if you do you, you will stand out so much more and people will love your content.

 To get out of the rut I was in, I stopped beating myself up and giving myself doubts if I was good enough for the level of the blogosphere that it is today. 
I went looking for positivity, even if in the strangest places - I learnt more about healing crystals and the law of attraction and even if subconsciously, I felt more positive about life and more positives things would start to follow. I've always waffled on about energies and even if you're not into the 'hippy life' it will make sense - whatever energy you give out, you'll get in return. 
I started to give out vibes of excitement and passion for my blog and YouTube channel again, and all these exciting ideas for content just started to follow and it's the best feeling ever. 
I'm so excited to be blogging properly again and have Kaye Ford to thank for these beautiful photos, check out her Instagram here
Remember, it's your space.

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Till Next Time,

Shiv xo


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