Sunday, 30 April 2017


Why It's Important To Have Them

These lovely photos were taken by the gorge Ellen yesterday whilst I was incredibly hungover/possibly still drunk from the night before... kudos to Ellen for helping me to look somewhat presentable ♡

I also thought about the content of this post whilst in the shower this morning, don't you always think of fabulous ideas whilst in the shower? Whilst that perfectly warm steamy water rejuvenates your skin and any negativity washes away from the day, your head clears up and visions come through - how can you put them into action?

I strongly believe that without goals, it's nearly impossible to achieve your dream. You may not even realise that you're setting yourself goals when you've achieved/in the process of achieving something but you are. With each goal set, then each goal ticked off, you're that one step closer to your dream and each one, no matter how small is important as the next.

Here's Some Of My Tips On Goals;

- Think back to school/college or any form of an establishment where you've had to work hard to achieve something, the majority of these places go by something known as a 'SMART' goal which stands for; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time Bound. When thinking of your goals, put pen to paper and ensure that your goals line into these categories - I won't waffle on too much about this step as we'd be here all day, you can read more on these amazing site here.

- Put yourself into utter relaxation, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the pinnacle of your upmost dream. You'll feel yourself smiling without realising as that euphoric feeling of 'Wow, I did this' rushes through you and it's fabulous. Now open your eyes, jump up and get to work on a storyboard; however you want to do it is completely fine - whether that be a colourful comic book inspired storyboard, a simple list or if you're more about the numbers, a list of relevant numbers. Establish the steps leading up to that big dream and think in realistic steps of how you can get there and plan how you can put this into action, believe me you'll feel so inspired.

- Inspiration & Passion. My personal top two favourite words - passion being the favourite. Find your inspiration, who inspires you? Is it a public figure, a family member, an artist, an author? Watch their videos, stalk their Instagram's, read articles - even print some off if you'd rather not stare at your smartphone and take it all in. Think about what your passions are, what drives you and add this all in to the big plan of goals.

- Action. This is the tip of mine that I've learnt from the most, when I'm active, positive and productive - amazing things follow, when I'm lazy and procrastinating, nothing extraordinary happens. Sure, you've written this incredible plan and got all the resources set up to kick start your journey, you just need to put this into action and I mean action - work hard and it will pay off, keep that positive attitude and positivity will follow. I've been reading about the law of attraction - have a google it's really interesting and super motivating. 

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.– Bill Copeland. Source

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