Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Mascara Clear Out & Round Up

Hi. My name is Shivon Johnstone and I am a make up hoarder. I will outright say that I've owned the majority of these mascaras for far too long and it was mandatory to throw them out. The rule goes that you're supposed to throw out your mascara every three months due to bacteria build up and your eyes being well, important. I decided one Sunday evening whilst having a make up organise to go through the mascara's that I'm binning and show you my thoughts on them rather than writing individual reviews. 

This mascara is one of those mascaras that the first time you use it - you think it's incredible but the more and more times you use it, it just doesn't really do anything exciting anymore. The formula dried up very quickly - and I never pump my mascaras. However; the bristle brush is really good to cling to the lashes - I just wish that the formula didn't dry out so quickly.

Again, nothing special for me here - the fat bristle brush mascara's never really do anything for me and it's very rare that I'm impressed (keep reading on) with a bristle brush - this just made them a little thicker and black, nothing to shout to the high heavens about.

Yes. Yes. Yes - This mascara is SO worth the hype in my opinion, I've no idea if it's the formula, the wand or the combination of the two but this mascara makes your lashes appear noticeably longer and that's what I adore! Love love love.

I bought this mascara in a gift set with an eyeliner pencil and a mini YSL lipstick as I wanted to try some higher end make up. At the time I thought this mascara was amazing but now I think I was only in love with it purely because it's super high end and beautiful looking. Packaging 10/10 mind - if you like a volumising mascara this is your guy, just not for the long lash lovers!

This is my ride or die. I've loved this mascara for years and always will do - I'm definitely more of a fan of the plastic wands and this baby is incredible for giving you super long, defined lashes - goes with the name really; million lashes! I prefer the excess version for some reason the formula just works better in my opinion.

I originally bought this for an ice queen make up look and am sad that I didn't really use it throughout the summertime for a pop of colour, as it's a good mascara that I simply didn't use enough.

Spotted any favourites? Thoughts? Do you replace your mascaras regularly?... Or are you like me and can't throw them out without a little sniffle?

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