Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Neve Cosmetics Scurissimi Palette Review

After having a quick long browse on cocktail cosmetics I discovered a brand which was completely new to me and I'd never come across before; Neve Cosmetics. Their palettes all looked so beautiful and so did the rest of their make-up, I began searching for reviews online and had only come across good ones so for my first Neve Cosmetics product I went for a palette with purple... of course!
The palette I picked up is called the 'Scurissimi' palette... they're all named something with an 'imi' on the end and I like it! All of the colours spoke to me especially the purples and that warm copper colour bottom left of the palette.

The packaging is very similar to that of the Crown Brush palettes which other brands do as well - it's long, thin and feels nice and durable. I like how with each palette, they've given the packaging a different colour - which is a brilliant idea for if you're an avid palette collector.
Now on to the shadows themselves - all have a beautiful texture which isn't too creamy and are all extremely pigmented (bare in mind due to technological hiccups the swatches were taken on my Iphone 5) they are really long wearing too. I forgot I swatched them on my arm - and after washing up they were still there just a tiny bit faded as you would expect but they held up pretty well.
Overall I really enjoy this make up palette and have been reaching for that gorgeous copper colour pretty much every day when i'm not filming a new make up look for my channel as my go to shade.

This is a look I came up with using all the purples in the palette and I absolutely love it! Expect to see this palette featured a lot more on my channel.

The 'Scurissimi' palette retails at £21.95 which works out at a mere 2.10 (roughly) an eyeshadow which is pretty decent for ten eyeshadows! The brand is cruelty free, contains no silicones, glycerin, parabens or petrolatum and the shadows can be used wet or dry too! Overall a winner for me.

You can purchase the Scurissimi palette here.

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