Friday, 4 September 2015

Montagne Jeunesse; Peach Yogurt Mask Review

 The cult favourite Montagnue Jeunesse face masks (which yes - I do too struggle to pronounce) have always been a go to in my quick pamper routine. I recently spotted some of these face masks in Primark and had to pick them up as my skin was in need of some serious TLC. I always seem to go for the most abrasive face masks that pull out the gunk and scrub away till nothing is left... So I figured a moisturising mask is what my skin really desires and my jove, was I right. I have combination/oily skin; the majority of my skin is a normal texture but I have an oily t-zone and hormonal breakouts which go seriously dry after healing and they tend to scar for a long time. 
After ripping off the top of the packet I was greeted with a beautiful smell - of... peaches. Figures. It's such a lovely smell so makes it even more calming when applying to the skin. The consistency is almost like a very thick cream and I applied it thick so I used all of the mask. After about 10 minutes or so the face mask had almost completely dried so I gently wiped off with a warm flannel and my skin felt so clean and nourished. It was as almost as if my skin 'drank' up the moisture and my spots weren't as vicious and rearing their ugly head.
I really enjoyed this face mask, lit a candle and relaxed whilst my skin reaped the mask's benefits. For under £1, you can't go wrong with a little skin TLC every now and then and this definitely makes me want to get more into masking. You can check out Montagne Jeunesse's other masks here.

Thank you so much for reading, I would love to know what your favourite Montagne Jeunesse masks are? What should I treat myself to next?

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  1. Love those masks! The only thing you can't do is fall asleep with a mask on….I woke up with the mask EVERYWHERE…….

  2. These are my all time favourite masks as they have such an amazing variety of types and 'flavours' - I really like the mud pacs that Montagne Jeunesse do as well! I haven't tried this peach one but it sure looks good (you just can't beat the smell of peach!) :) x

  3. need to try this ones xoxo


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