Monday, 14 September 2015

2 Apps That Will Help You Get A Well Rested Sleep

It's no secret that getting a good night of 'beauty sleep' is important - but how much of us actually get it on the regular

 If you've been following my vlog channel for a while/following me in general you may've noticed that in the past few months i've been on and off fatigued, constantly moaning about being drained and feeling mentally and physically exhausted; whilst boring the hell out of you and wanting me to talk about something else.
 I would always put off getting a well deserved rest and I completely burned myself out - I collapsed.
So after going to the doc's and getting diagnosed with an iron deficiency (anaemia) I realised that now was the time to put things right - I forced myself into bed at 10 every night; but my mind was awake and after another couple of weeks of trying, nothing was working.
 So - I self-googled; and found some information about rem sleep and the real right hours of sleep and found it really interesting so I decided to download a few sleeping aid apps and give them a go. I tried half a dozen but these two simple but effective apps shone out to me - like a night fairy (Both free)
 The first is - 'Sleep Better' which is an amazing app with so many features I wouldn't even know how to summarise it. The main feature is the alarm which will wake you up sometime between half an hour beforehand and the last call which is when you set it too. At first, this can be a bit daunting as if you wake up at 6 usually; the alarm can potentially go off at half 5 - ew. However; try and forget about the early rising and just go with it as what the app does is pays attention to the sounds and your movements and works out how deep of a sleep you're currently in and will wake you in your lightest moment of slumber - so you don't wake up so groggy. Genius.
I love how this app tracks your 'sleep data' so you can back and look at it and maybe realise that night you ate late/had copious amounts of coffee and a glass of wine and woke up feeling retched. It also shows a percentage of how good your slumber was (i'm sorry I just seize to adore the word 'slumber') and for any list/organisation nerds just like myself this makes sleep a little bit more exciting. This app has helped me out so much it's insane! The only thing I will say is that if you carry the trait of sleeping through alarms - set a back up alarm say one minute past the app's alarm on your normal alarms just in case.

 The next app is 'relax melodies' which has some super beautiful tracks you can play to get you in that zen moment - my personal favourite is 'infinity' which is a delicate piece of music that makes me feel like i'm in a spa. Another thing I love about this app is the fact that is carries the ability to play whilst you aren't in the app - so I like to combine the two and my night is ensured for a well rested slumber.

Make sure you get well rested girls! 
The early bird catches the worm.. or in this case the early riser catches the dream.

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