Monday, 24 August 2015

5 Things That Will Give You Instant Inspiration

In the past few weeks or so, I've found many sources of inspiration and I just love to share it for anyone who is having a bit of an 'inspiration dry spell'. I'm such a see saw when it comes to getting the motivation and inspiration to go for things and I feel like that is such a common thing. One moment I've got a sudden rush of ideas (usually at the most inconvenient of times) and feel like I can conquer the world and the next - I feel like curling up under my duvet with my two favourite men; Ben & Jerry and Netflix. The sudden drop has happened and I've wasted a whole weekend doing absolutely nothing productive - I then feel even worse with myself as I then clock onto how much time I've wasted that I could've been working towards my goals. It's a monotonous revolving circle.
 This post is going to be a bit of a start up post to a whole new concept on my blog 'shivonmakeupbiz' I've been dreaming of a change on my blog recently (which is why I haven't blogged frequently) little or small - I knew I needed to make a change. 
 I want to post more helpful/detailed posts as well as more in-depth reviews and all sorts but I was in a bit of a 'blah' mood because my brand name is 'shivonmakeupbiz' which doesn't really say - life improvement/fashion/beauty blog? So I've made myself feel better by realising 'shivon' (me, myself and I) 'makeup' (my biggest passion in life and how this blog originated) 'biz' (business; let's get down to business).

5 Things That Will Give You Instant Inspiration

1. Time For Reflection

Find your happy place, where were you/what were you doing the last time you thought of an idea? Go back to that location, repeat the same steps as before and really think. Brain-storm, thrive on new ideas and learn to love to grow.

2. Inspiring Articles/Literature

This goes without saying and is kind of an obvious one; nonetheless an under-rated one.
One of my most recent saved posts is '30 Quick Stories That Will Make You Think Differently' - have a read, it's lovely. Take it all in, act on it.

3. Clean

Ew? Really? Just do it. A tidy space really does mean a tidy mind. I know it's time consuming and requires a whole hunk of effort but think about it; it's worth trying, once done not only do you have a tidy area but you've also taken one step in doing something productive... which is why you're reading articles like these after all?

4. Groom Yourself

If you don't feel like putting on make-up/don't want to/can't - cleanse your face properly, shove your hair back and get dressed. I promise you that it will put you in the mindset of  being ready for the day and what it has to offer you. Being in PJ's may feel amazing but it gets you in the mind frame for sleepy time.

5. Your Favourite Blogs

Well - duh? The obsession is real at the moment with me for the career girl - I absolutely love everything posted on the blog and I have sat through my entire lunch break at work completely entranced in her articles. Give it a read!

Now... it's go time!
Whatever you want to do, put your mind to it and act upon it.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time...


  1. I've got the same problem as you. Sometimes I'm so inspired I want to do everything, and other moments I'd rather just stay in bed and do absolutley nothing (however sometimes that's important too).


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