Tuesday, 7 April 2015

MAC Lipstick Collection

 oh aren't they pretty...
A few days ago 'timehop' reminded me that 3 years ago I brought my first MAC lipstick 'speed dial' and I began to feel incredibly nostalgic about my mac lipstick collection. For any make-up lover, mac lipsticks are always something we go through phases of collecting and I feel very proud of the 12 part collection I own.

I'm not going to go through every single lipstick as I may bore you - if you do want a further in depth review please pop a comment below or tweet me and let me know if you want to see a tutorial with a certain lipstick!

  • 'Kinda Sexy' - the amount of times i've raved about this perfect nude lipstick is pretty unbelievable. It just seems to suit every look perfectly, lasts on the lips, doesn't bleed and for me personally is the best nude lip - ever. 
  • 'Girl About Town' - this is one of those bright, fun pop of colour shades that brings some life to your face instantly and I love the fact that it's slightly fuchsia/purple toned as I find these tones really suit me - a must have for the upcoming SS15!
  • 'Rebel' - Ahhh. I adore this shade, no matter what look I pair with it, it adds enough drama to capture the right attention and is really flattering!
O T H E R  C O M M E N T S
  • 'Ruby Woo' - Would be the perfect matt red lip, if it wasn't so drying. I find I can wear this shade on my lips for about 3 hours max before my lips feel tight and dry. I suggest applying a lot of a nourishing lip balm before hand when wearing this lipstick - it looks amazing in photos!
  • 'All Fired Up' - A great modern alternate to 'Ruby Woo' - a showstopper matt pink shade that is comfortable on the lips. *Review here*
I hope you enjoyed prying into my mac lipstick collection as much as I enjoyed playing with my lippies!

Lots of love and until next time...


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  1. Love "Girl about town", and now that spring is here, I find myself wearing it more, so fresh and springy :D


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