Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunrise Eyes

I am slowly but surely transforming into a bit of an alien - a morning person. As much as I used to dread leaving the house at stupid o'clock in the morning, still dark, still freezing - driving with the sunrise is one of the most simple and up-lifting things to see first thing in the morning.

Whilst downing a latte from my flask, a part of make-up inspiration came to mind - a sunrise inspired make-up look. The vivid blues/oranges/yellows would make such a beautiful make-up look.

I also recently filmed a sunset inspired make-up look which is coming up soon, as soon as that is up I shall cross-link them. I feel like you can really take inspiration from anything and this is a great example of it!

Watch the tutorial here:

Product List:


Make Up Geek 'Peach Smoothie' 'Cocoa Bear'

Face & Everything Else

Tanya Burr Lipgloss 'Chic'

I really hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and like this make-up look! It's my goal in life to release creativity, inspiration and passion upon others... Next time you're up early in the morning, look out the window and really see the beauty; come wind, rain or shine - it's there, you just have to look.

Until next time... 

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