Monday, 8 December 2014

Don't Be Afraid Of Red Eyeshadow

I created this look as I'm really love the double winged liner look at the moment (I used the double wing in this tutorial too) and warm tones, warm tones everywhere please. It is absolutely freezing outside right now so the warmer my make-up feels, the warmer I feel... 

I love enhancing the green in my eyes so red is perfect oui? A lot of women tend to be afraid of red eye-shadow, or bold vivid colours for that matter in fact... I'm here to show you not to be afraid of wearing bright shades, why not!? 

When used in the right way, any bold colour can create a stunning and quite literally eye-catching effect such as this look I created here.

I wore this to work later that evening and got told that my eyes looked like they were on fire... in a good way!

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Watch the video here:

Have fun with make-up!

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