Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mink & Stone; Designing Your Own Jewellery

Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.
See this necklace here? I designed it! What? Yes, that's right and you can too with this new awesome website called Mink & Stone which are a unique online service in which you can design your own unique piece of jewellery, it's pretty damn amazing!

When it came to creating my design, I thought about doing a statement piece - something perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Then I thought to myself, I really want something classic and reflects me. I am such a big lover of red roses, I'm such a romantic at heart and I think red and white is such a killer combination.

I can imagine placing this necklace around my neck, the simple rose would rest in the middle of my neck; delicate and soft, yet alluring - just like this necklace conveys to me.

If you want to become your own jewellery designer or just have a bit of fun, I really feel like this is such an awesome concept so I strongly suggest you check out www.minkandstone.com 

You can find my designed necklace here: http://www.minkandstone.com/Products/Details/398

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