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Bliv - Skincare Products Honest Review

As any teen/young adult or just general woman in fact, I have always had irritating little struggles with my skin. Currently my skin is a lot better than it used to be, but I still get hormonal breakouts (always in really obvious places) and still would love to improve it.
I was lucky enough to be sent these skincare products from Bliv, they emailed me and I told them my skincare concerns so they responded and said they would send me a few products that would help my skin out.
I received the 'no spots bye dots' (haha) blemish cleansing gel, and the 'off with those heads' blackheads sebum gel as well as some face masks which I haven't had the time to try out just yet, but as soon as i have I will post a view and update this post with the link to it.

Right, so let's start with the 'no spots bye dots, blemish cleansing gel' which retails for $28 (about 17 pounds). This has a lovely texture, and feels nourishing on the skin - the wetter your face is, the more milky you can create the cleanser. I used it after using my normal deep cleanser to get the tough make-up off then wet my face with warm-hot water, then applied a few pumps of the cleansing gel to the palms of my hands and massaged it in.
Once you've rinsed the cleanser off there is no residue, and your skin feels instantly refreshed.


Salicylic Acid (exfoliation)

An exfoliant with the ability to penetrate into the skin surface, helps to exfoliate the skin surface as well as inside the pores where blemishes and acnes occur.
Triclosan (antiseptic + control acne)

A powerful, long lasting, yet very gentle antimicrobial agent that helps to flush out bacteria that caused acne, and lays down a protective layer to prevent the formation of new acne. 

Then we have the 'off with those heads' blackheads sebum gel, which retails for $39 (about 23 pounds), I'll be honest with you I wasn't given a lot of product to test out, I had to take the top off and shake it into my hand, so I always got way too much product out.
However, that is just purely the sample size and not the actual products fault. I've tried many different spot/blemish treatments in the past, they all do the same annoying thing of drying up and going either flaky or sticky.
This product didn't actually do that, which I love! I had some huge breakouts on my temples (i'm assuming from my pillow or phone) which were really annoying, painful and stubborn. I washed my face using the cleansing gel and applied the sebum gel to them, not really thinking they would go away - but two days later they were completely gone!

Ingredients in the blackheads sebum gel: 
- Tea Tree Oil (acne control + comedone control + soothing)
A popular remedy for acne condition. It has proven to have powerful antisepctic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is known to help soothe blemished skin.
- Witch Hazel Extract (oil control + comedone control + skin softening)
Helps reduces excess oil from skin and act synergistically to minimize open pores, reduces irritation and keep the skin in perfect condition.
- Aloe Vera Extract (soothing + hydration)
Research has confirmed its anti-inflammatory properties and ability in promotes wound healing. Besides, it helps to moisture and nourishes the skin - delivering a smooth, supple skin texture.

The verdict:

Me personally, these are amazing almost miracle products! I cannot wait to try out the face mask when I have a night off from work!

You can get 20% off these amazing skincare products with the promo code SVJ20 (code is valid until 31st october 2014).

Hope you found this review helpful!
Have a lovely day!

Lots of love,

Shivon xoxo


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