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My MAC Eyeshadow Palette; Reviews & Swatches

 It honestly took me roughly about over two years to build this palette up! Especially as when I started collecting make-up and mac eye-shadows, I was only earning about £150-180 a month, which sounds a lot but mac eye shadows are £10 a piece.  If you are a make-up junkie like me, you will understand and won't call me crazy when I say it was literally one of my dreams to own a completed mac eye-shadow palette... I hated showing it to people with empty spaces in it! Anyway, onto the eye shadows...

I'm definitely not the one for neutrals, they just don't excite me. I already have so many palettes with a perfect amount of neutrals in it, so I reckon if I'm about to spend two hours work (yes, I currently get paid £5 something an hour) on one single eye-shadow - then it's got to be snazzy.

First Section: 
Top row left to right: Vanilla, Goldmine, All That Glitters
Bottom row left to right: Satin Taupe, Antiqued, Cranberry

Left to right: Cranberry, All That Glitters, Antiqued, Satin Taupe, Goldmine, Vanilla

Frost Finish
This eye-shadow is such a unique colour, which I really think is a true staple if you're delving into the world of mac make-up. It has stunning colour pay-off and is easy to blend. Cranberry can be worn in so many ways, if you want me to do a video on how to wear cranberry eye-shadow then post a comment below!

All That Glitters:
Veluxe Pearl Finish
All That Glitters, when it first hit the scene was highly raved about by other beauty bloggers and youtubers. It is an absolutely stunning 'champagne' colour that wakes your whole eye up with a quick sweep across the lid. However, nowadays with so many 'drug-store' brands working hard on developing their eye shadows, I reckon this colour can be easily duped.

Veluxe Pearl Finish
Eurgh. I'm literally obsessed with this eye-shadow, I have green eyes and when I wear this eye-shadow they look like the colour of new forests. It is described as an ash brown with bronze, however I feel like it's definitely a warmer brown. This is definitely one to pick up if you have green or blue eyes.

Satin Taupe:
Frost Finish
Again, another highly hyped up eye-shadows by #bbloggers, and it's definitely worth the hype. Satin Taupe seems to flatter literally every eye colour, it's so easy to work with - sweep over the eyelid as one colour, or under the eye to complete an eye look too.

Frost Finish
Goldmine is described as an 'intense gold with shimmer', this gold eye-shadow is definitely a vivid-yellow gold. Not so wearable for those of you or steer more towards the neutral eye-shadows - try something more like woodwinked or all that glitters. If like me however, you try and make your eye colour 'pop' as much as possible, so this gold makes my green eyes gleam. Just as a heads up - if applied without being careful this eye-shadow can have a lot of fall out.

Velvet Finish
Meh. MEH. I can't quite work out if I just have a dodgy eye-shadow, but this baby barely shows up, is a weird consistency and is just utterly pointless to me. Maybe, this would be good on a darker skin, as I have very fair skin. Pointless. Also - I dropped my mac palette, and vanilla broke (have barely used it).

Next Section

Top Section left to right: Cork, Woodwinked
Bottom section left to right: Sketch, Shadowy Lady

Left to right: Shadowy Lady, Sketch, Woodwinked, Cork

Shadowy Lady:
Matte Finish
Oh-so-shadowy, lacks pigmentation, tough to blend - only good in darkening up an outer 'V' ever so slightly. This was one of my first ever eye shadow's bought and I so wish I picked a different eye-shadow. Nothing else to say here guys.

Velvet Finish
I luuuuurve this shade, it's described as 'burgundy with red shimmer', this is just stunning, has a lovely, almost creamy texture which makes it easy to wear and blend. I love to apply this to my outer V, or even all over the lid.

Veluxe Pearl Finish
I didn't ever believe that one eye-shadow could be spoke about so much in the beauty industry, but yes, yes it bloody well can. This eye-shadow looks good always, but looks stunning with a tan. Summer eye look anyone!? ;-)

Satin Finish
This is one of the staple eye-shadows for a make-up artist, it's brilliant for a transition colour in the crease and for medium brown eyebrows. Blending is easy with this one.

Left to right: Beauty Marked, Contrast, Carbon

Humid (Left) Aquadisiac (Right)

Left to right:
Aquadisiac, humid, carbon, contrast, beauty marked


Lustre Finish
B-e-a-utiful! Depending on how adventurous you are, this can be worn in many ways. You can apply it just to the inner eye/tearduct area as a different eye brightening/catching way, all over the lid as a bold summer look or even wet your brush and use as an eyeliner!

Frost Finish
I seem to really love the frost and humid finishes! When I was younger, green eye-shadow used to be my ultimate thing. A green smokey eye was my standard look, even every-day! That's the thing, make-up is supposed to be creative, why not experiment with different colours! Anyway, this has a gorgeous creamy like texture, easy to blend and wear.

Matt Finish
Only matt mac eye-shadow I can think of that I have tried that seems to be of decent quality. The darkest black I own, brilliant colour pay-off and a staple in anyone's make-up kit.

Velvet Finish
One of the first eye-shadows every bought in my collection. Looks almost black in the swatch photo (above), I like to apply this in a very particular way - smudged under my lower lash line with a deep, dark smokey eye.

Beauty Marked:
Velvet Finish
This looks flipping gorgeous in the pan and yet, when you apply it to your lid the gorgeous glitter seems to dissipate... *sigh* I've tried applying it in so many ways, it only works a tiny bit if you wet your brush first and really pack it on, but once you start to blend, the glitter just disappears. 

So that's it for my mac eye-shadow palette post, I hope you enjoyed having a read through! I personally love reading others mac eye-shadow collections as it gives me a real in-sight of what to purchase.

If you have a post like this, feel free to leave a link below! Would love to check it out?

Love shivs xoxo


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