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IMATS London 2014 Survival Guide ♥


'IMATS' stands for the International Make-Up Artist Trade Show... and is a yep, as you guessed it a make-up trade show and is held in several main cities across the world. The IMATS i'm going to is the London venue which this year is being held at Olympia. The full list of venues that IMATS is held at is the following; Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney and Toronto.

The reason i'm writing this specific blogpost and created the attached youtube video is that I went for the first time last year (2013 London), on the Saturday and the Sunday and I was really un-prepared for both days. I had such an amazing time and got to meet some gorgeous girlies! However, I wish I had prepared myself that bit more so I could go the extra mile. 

IMATS is quite an over-whelming place if you've never been before, the crowds are huge and there's people streaming in and out in all directions, mad discounts and live make-up being applied. Despite it being such an over-whelming place if you've never been before, it's such an inspiring atmosphere and place to be, and you can really leave the venue with the mindset of 'yep, this is where i belong'.

So onto the guide...

What do I bring?

  • A budget. Set yourself a budget of however much you are willing/wanting to spend on make-up/related goods, travel fares and food. Take the cash out for the make-up as majority of the stands only accept cash.
  • Small handheld digital camera with a video function/good quality if possible. You are going to want to record/photograph this day for a long, long time. - To go with this, EXTRA BATTERIES!
  • Small amount of touch up make-up products. I'm talking the ultimate basics, powder, eyeliner, eyelash glue if you're sporting eyelashes, and most importantly your chosen lippy of the day. 
  • Hand sanitizer/wipes/tissues. Think of the amount of make-up you're going to be swatching all day, and also think of how many people have previously swatched it... just a heads up.
  • Water & a sufficient snack. Evian, fiji water, tap water.. whatever floats your boat. Just something to keep you hydrated. When it comes to the snack, don't be packing a bag of sweets - something to really keep you going in-between brekkie and lunch/ lunch and dinner; a cereal bar/small savoury snack.
  • YOUR TICKET!!! Haha, silly as it sounds, I was so bloody excited last year that I forgot the print-out of my ticket... Luckily, the lovely lady at the counter managed to find me on the system because I still had the confirmation number on my emails on my smartphone. But just don't forget it!
  • Oyster Card. You know the drill.

What not to bring?

  • A mahoosive bag! Think about it, you're going to be on your feet practically all day, squeezing your way through crowds of people - anything to increase your comfort is always a bonus!
  • Loooooads of make-up if you can help it. There's so much make-up there, I'm pretty sure that if something you're wearing starts to breakdown there will be something there to help out.
  • Loads of food! Again, just adding onto the weight and size of your bag, there's plenty of food venues around.

What/what not to wear?

I was mistaken last year and thought about 15% practicallity and 75% trying to look somewhat sophisticated.. big mistake. I also carried a bit more weight last year so I was also alot more self-conscious. You can check out my rather awkward 'OOTD' from last year.


Heeled chelsea boots - These absolutely killed my feet, no platforms, didn't support my foot properly and I just wished I was wearing flats the entire time.
Skinny, skinny jeans - Not going to even lie here, they didn't even fit me properly, hence the peplum top I added on top to try and skim over my hips.
White peplum top - tight in all the wrong places - making me feel very self-conscious.
Pink blazar - At the time, this was one of my favourite pieces, but when I watched Jess's or Kassia's vlog I noticed from the back it almost gives me a hunchback like look. And as a TMI - made me sweat like crazy.

So this year, I'm either feeling a maxi dress (loose, yet glam and super comfy) or some comfy but stylish jeans and a simple statement tee (i got this cool 'celfie' top from amazon for about 6& pounds!). For shoes, I own these gorgeous black cut out boots which are SOSOSOSO comfy, i'm also going to pack a pair of black dolly shoes just in case my feet start hurting.

6 Extra Tips so you have the most amazing day ever...

  1. Charge all your electronics (phone, camera, ipod, time machine.. haha) overnight so they have enough charge to take all your selfies and vlogs etc. Aswell as bringing extra charge if possible.
  2. Plan your route to the destination beforehand.
  3. Prepare your outfit the night before.
  4. Research the exhibitor brands beforehand and work out the main things that you really want to get your hands on.
  5. Don't impulse buy, but don't regret any missed purchases.
  6. Have a good breakfast.

Some photos from last year:

I hope you enjoyed my IMATS London 2014 Survival Guide, I will be going just on the Sunday this year and am sosososo excited I am literally buzzing! If you're going or want to add any extra tips pop a comment below!

Have a lovely day!


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