The Shivon Behind The 'Biz'

So, here you are on my 'About' nook of my blog, so I guess you'd like to know a bit about Shivon from behind the biz? Schweet.
I started dib-dabbing in blogging/youtubing from the sweet age of 16 but my posts weren't really posts they were more like a diary entry and the youtube videos followed shortly after back in the day where filming on your webcam and editing on windows movie maker with slideshow like effects was appropriate... I have always had the biggest passion for make-up and it only grew stronger and stronger as I grew older. I started my blog/youtube channel to showcase my work and hopefully get make-up clients as all I wanted to was be a make-up artist. As an incredibly self-conscious young teen I loved the idea of being paid to give people confidence and that inner glow with 'the flick of a brush'. Thus - 'shivonmakeupbiz' started. I took up a couple of college courses after my GCSE's; Level 2 in Hair & Media Make-Up and Level 3 Make-Up Artistry and began picking up a few clients at the age of 16/17 so I was in my creative element. As I got more into reading blogs and watching tutorials my skills grew alongside my passion and I found what I was most joyed with - teaching make-up. I decided to start working some normal jobs and concentrate on teaching my newly learnt skills that I learnt from Youtube... on Youtube.
With the blog; I love writing and always have done, there's something so therapeutic about hammering your thoughts and dreams down on paper - yes I am the compulsive list writer. I love hearing about new trends and tricks in the beauty and fashion industry and love to read other's beautiful content.
My main mission if you will - is to inspire people to not be afraid of being creative and really let loose with that make-up brush, expressing yourself and showing off your passion. Make-up is art, it's fun and is a way for self-expression. I adore and strive to share new make-up looks here on my blog and channel 'shivonmakeupbiz' and love writing about new products and my thoughts.



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