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Sleek Makeup Fire It Up Collection

Sleek Makeup is a brand that I have loved for years, I remember discovering them at The Clothes Show live years ago when I was a teenager who was growing increasingly obsessed with makeup and saving up my pocket money to buy their i-Divine eyeshadow palettes. 

Sleek Makeup are a brand that started in London, the UK in 1995 (I just saw the year from the website and this makes me very excited as I was also born in 1995!) and provide fun colour cosmetics that promote equality and diversity at an affordable price - what's not to love? This time around, I'll be reviewing their brand new 'Fire It Up' collection consisting of the Chasing The Sun eyeshadow palette, the Fire It Up highlighting palette and the 'Drippin' Highlighting Elixir, which are all inspired by summer sunsets. 

For me personally, I always think the eyeshadow palette is the most important part of the collection - after all, the eyes stand out the most right? So here we have the Chasing The Sun eyeshadow palette in all its glory - consisting of 3 shimmers and 9 matte shades in bright warm hues, giving you that perfect sunset palette, which is definitely right up my street. I also love that they've added a matte dark brown in there, just in case you want to put that through the crease and the yellow gold on the lid for a more toned-down look. 

What I found interesting when swatching the shadows, is how much better the mattes performed compared to the shimmers. The mattes were so pigmented, felt creamy (in a good way) and didn't crumble much when swatching - which I find happens with inexpensive shadow formulas sometimes. The shimmers were still really pretty too, the cranberry/bronze kind of shade on the bottom left of the palette was super smooth and reflective, the rose gold shade and the yellow gold needed a few layers of a swatch to build up the intensity. Usually, I find shimmers to pack more of a punch than a matte shade so I found this really interesting - I did the swatches on a dry arm with no primer or anything as per usual, so perhaps the shimmers would perform a little better on top of a tacky base. The look I created using this palette I used only the matte shades and a shade from the highlighting palette as my inner corner highlight, it actually turned out to be one of, if not my favourite look I've ever done. You can see it here upclose on my Instagram here. This Chasing The Sun palette is beautiful and for £8.99 you can't go wrong - I even think the colour placement will help bring out some creativity!

As add ons to the collection, we have the Fire It Up highlight palette alongside the Highlighting Elixir in shade 'Drippin'' which make for a glowing, glistening duo. The liquid highlighter actually pleasantly surprised me as, as it's a gold shade I thought it wouldn't go with my skin tone and be a little obvious and stripe-like on my face - but once blended in with your fingertips onto a wet base (so just before you set your base with powder products) it actually goes on beautifully and adds more of a glow than a blinding highlight which I actually really enjoy. This will also be beautiful in the summertime applied to the chest/collarbones and down the shins of your legs for that summertime glow, these highlighting drops retail for £6.99 and will last you such a long time, a little goes a long way. The highlighting palette is just absolutely stunning and the mirrored deep red packaging is so unique and unlike anything else in my collection, just not the best for photography as you can see the lens in the photo! This quad of intense shimmers retails for £9.99 and comes with a little applicator brush (I never use these but keep them in a separate container for that just in case moment) so a really good price too. I think the shades on the left would suit a deeper skin tone for an actual highlight shade and would look beautiful, the top right cranberry shade would be stunning as an all-over lid shade. I used the bottom right shade on top of the illuminating drops as my highlight, and it looked absolutely stunning - not an everyday highlight by any means but one if you really want to make an impact. 

This Sleek Makeup fire it up collection is absolutely beautiful, I do wish they didn't make it limited edition as it's started to sell out in a few places however I've had a hunt and you can get the following on these links if you want a bit of sunset glow in your life;

Watch my video review and tutorial below or by clicking here;

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

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