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Discovering A Vegan And Cruelty-Free Skincare Brand - Buddha Beauty Skincare

I've recently discovered the proudly Vegan and cruelty-free UK based beauty brand Buddha Beauty Skincare and I think it's safe to say after trying out some of their range, I'm quite obsessed. 

Buddha Beauty Skincare is an indie beauty brand based in Manchester here in the UK, who've not only won an award - 2019 Best Vegan Skincare product in VEGFEST UK but seem to really care about animal rights and the planet we live on, which is something I'm all for and it's so amazing to see brands caring about both of these topics. They use natural, organic ingredients to create a range of beauty products from skincare, to body care (including some delicious looking massage oils!) and home fragrances. 

I was recently kindly sent an arrangement of skincare products to try from Buddha Beauty Skincare, including; Lemongrass & Bergamot Facial Cream Cleanser, Rose Water Facial Toner, Orange & Grapefruit Daily Brightening Serum, Chamomille & Jasmine Ultra Hydrate Night Cream, Pro-Age Eye Cream, Acai & Goji Berry Firming Face Mask and finally the Bamboo & Mandarin Face Scrub. Out of all these products to try, I was most excited to try the Lemongrass Cleanser, Chamomile Night Cream and the Acai Face Mask - here are the details and my thoughts on the products:

Lemongrass & Bergamot Facial Cream Cleanser

Okay so I'll admit what drew me into this cleanser most was the Lemongrass scent, which is definitely one of my favourite smells, it's so uplifting and almost gives me a little boost of energy. I first tested out this cleanser straight onto a made-up face, massaged in just like any other cream cleanser and even went over my eye makeup - which was absolutely fine and removed it nicely, it doesn't get rid of stubborn makeup so if you're wearing heavier makeup than usual, I'd recommend using this as your second cleanse. Once massaged in, I added a little bit of warm water to help emulsify the cleanser and washed it off with a clean, fluffy wet washcloth and was left with super soft skin. I've done a little research and Buddha Beauty Skincare have said that 'Lemongrass stimulates the senses and is perfect for thoroughly cleansing your skin. Bergamot, from the Bergamot Orange, with its sharp and sweet-smelling tones and antiseptic qualities, is particularly good for oily skin and skin conditions'. I'd personally suggest this for someone on the drier/combination skin as it does feel gentle and nourishing. 

On the eco-friendly side of things, the cleanser bottle is fully recyclable other than the pump - Buddha Beauty has created a refillable option with a silver screw cap - so if you did get obsessed and wanted to make this your staple cleanser you could purchase one with a pump, then your refills with the cap - definitely a nice eco-friendly touch there! 

Onto the ingredients, so we've covered the named ingredients/scents which are Lemongrass & Bergamot which are essential oils within the cleanser - some very sensitive skins may not get along with essential oils, so if you're nervous I would recommend applying some to a pulse point (behind the ear is a good one) to see if you react, I personally was fine and my skin doesn't mind a bit of fragrance/essential oil. It would be an essay of a post if I went over every single ingredient in every product tried so I'll just cover some key ones. Glycine Soja Oil is the 2nd highest ingredient in the formula and after a little research, I've learnt that it's actually a natural oil from soybeans which is a mixture of fatty acids which must give it that nourishing texture, as well as an antioxidant. About midway down the ingredient listing, we have Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract which is another antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient so no wonder this cleanser feels soothing on the skin. Another stand out ingredient that I wanted to have a little look at is Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil - which is an oil from sunflowers seeds, containing a selection of acids and actually (with a little research) supplies more Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil - so cool! Now with all these pro ingredients, it's worth mentioning that this formula does contain Phenoxyethanol which is a popular preservative used in cosmetic products and isn't such a big hit with the ingredient savvy skincare crew as there are some studies that it can cause some skin damage - however, I would say, it all depends on the quantity of the ingredient and I haven't had any irritation so far so I'm not concerned by this at all. 

This cleanser is only £12.50 and you get 250ml worth of product, which I think is an amazing price so I'd highly recommend if you're looking for an affordable, eco-friendly cleanser. 

Rose Water Facial Toner

This toner really surprised me - I expected just like most toners for this to feel a little watery however when I swept it across my skin with a cotton pad I actually found it adding a little oil to my skin, which I really like - I'm all about the hydration these days! 

Having a little look at the ingredients - which is a very small ingredient list I can see the second highest ingredient is Rosa Damascena Flower Oil which is a fancy way of saying an essential oil from rose petals. This essential oil contains some antioxidants and vitamins which also help to moisturise dry skin and helps to treat break out prone skin which is amazing. Next up we have Potassium Sorbate which is a mild preservative, which after having a little research - I've learnt that this can be used as a replacement for parabens which most brands are trying to make their products paraben-free. The fourth and final ingredient is Citric Acid which is actually a mild alpha hydroxy acid which promotes skin cell turnover and typically adds that 'glow'. 

One little thing I will say is that on the Buddha Beauty website, they say that a toner will help to 'lift-off any remaining grime' which I disagree with as if there's still dirt/makeup etc left on your face after cleansing, your cleansing stages aren't doing enough. A toner should be a step in your routine you can use to target skincare concerns such as scarring/dryness etc which this will definitely help with. 

Just because I slightly disagree with the tagline/explanation of this toner doesn't mean I don't like it - as I definitely do like it and will definitely be incorporating this into my skincare routine, especially for my dryer days. Once again, this product is only £12.50 and you get 250ml of product which is a really good price. 

Orange & Grapefruit Daily Brightening Facial Serum

The texture of this serum feels amazing - super lightweight and refreshing on the skin. I've tried this out both morning and night and I'm a big fan - it's not too heavy for the day but just enough for night time so is a perfect balance. It contains a mixture of fruit extracts, including Avocado and Strawberry which help to restore vitality to the skin. The serum formula also claims to be rich in collagen (plant-based) which helps to give that plump feeling to the skin. 

This is another glow-inducing product, containing Carica Papaya which is a fruit enzyme that helps to promote skin turnover and brightens the skin - fruit enzymes are really popular in exfoliating products too. It's targeted toward all skin types that just need a little brightening boost! I'd always recommend applying a daily sunscreen but especially if you're using AHA's/enzymes in your skincare as these will make your skin more susceptible to sun damage. This serum from Buddha Beauty is £15 and you get 50ml of product which I think is a really good price and you only need a small amount of product for your whole face and neck - don't forget the neck! 

Jasmine & Chamomile Ultra Hydrate Night Cream

I love a good night cream - for me, I like it to feel a little more indulgent and richer in texture than my day cream; there are some studies that show you don't necessarily need a richer cream for night-time as it's more to do with the ingredients however this is my personal preference as night-time is my pampering time! I love this night cream and find it leaves my skin feeling nourished, I wake up looking hydrated and it doesn't have that 'piling' moment, where you rub your face and bits come off - which I really can't stand so that's a plus! 

The tagline ingredients of this night cream are Jasmine & Chamomile which are known to be both calming and good for dry and sensitive skin. Having a further look at the ingredients, I can see Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which is an incredibly popular soothing ingredient that I'm seeing popping up frequently in skin care products nowadays. When you get a sunburn - a wildly known cure is to apply some aloe vera to the area topically and you'll feel that cooling, calming sensation so naturally, it's amazing as an anti-inflammatory and will help to calm down stressed skin. I can also see a little amount of Ginseng Root which is an amazing brightening ingredient and can help to smooth texture and fade uneven skin tone - perfect! 

Just like the brightening serum, this calming night cream is £15 and you get 50ml of product which I think would last you a good few months if you're only using this night cream and not experimenting with other products. 

Acai & Goji Berry Firming Face Mask

Okay - I LOVED this. I wouldn't say I have particularly sensitive skin and don't react to a lot of products that I've tested throughout my skincare obsessed days. However, I find a lot of clay-based masks (the ones that dry down so you can see the oil being pulled up and then you wash off), become a little itchy/tingly when I wet them and wash off - this didn't do this at all and didn't leave my skin looking red, which of course is just what I want from my skincare. This clay-based mask felt super soft on the skin and is definitely something I'll reach for when I feel my skin needs a little TLC. 

Onto ingredients; we have a blend of natural oils which I would assume keep the formula soft. The goji berry extract works as an anti-oxidant and the dead sea mineral mud pulls out any impurities that have built up in the surface layers of your skin. This mask is targeted toward all skin types, I'd personally recommend it to anyone of all ages - despite it being a 'firming' mask, it will help to clear the skin and you can incorporate this into your routine 2-3 times a week.  

You get 100ml of face mask product for £11.50 which again is such a good price and I'd highly recommend this mask to amp up your skincare routine.

Bamboo & Mandarin Face Scrub

Lastly, we have a potted physical scrub that Buddha Beauty recommend using weekly - I would agree with this as this is a physical exfoliant and you can feel the bamboo stem powder when exfoliating your skin so you really don't want to overdo it. After all, you only have so many layers of dead skin cells! All you need to do, just like other physical face scrubs is to apply to damp skin in gentle circular motions and rinse off with lukewarm water, before applying your other skincare products. Even though I'm more of a chemical exfoliant kind of girl recently, I did actually enjoy using this facial scrub and think I'll reach for it on those days my skin is feeling ultra congested and needs its 'life' back. 

There's not much to touch on the ingredients here as it's mainly the bamboo stem powder, some glycerin which is a humectant (good at retaining moisture) and some oils to not dry this formula out. The scrub is £11.50 and you get 100ml of product which is a good amount. 

If you've made it this far through this review - well done! I just absolutely love skincare and think as the beauty community becomes more knowledgable about ingredients, it's perfect timing to really dive deep into skincare. As you can most likely put two and two together, I'm a massive fan of these Buddha Beauty Skincare products and the brand overall, I love their ethos and would definitely recommend checking them out on their site here. My personal favourites that I'll be reaching for are the Lemongrass cleanser, the Orange facial serum and the Acai Face Mask. 

I've also just posted a cheeky Instagram video using the skincare products, so if you want to see a live-action application click here

Are you also a skincare junkie? Hit me up on Twitter at @shivonmakeupbiz and let me know your fave products! You can check out my other skincare reviews here

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

*This post contains PR samples however as always - all opinions are my own.


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  2. Never heard of Buddha Beauty Skincare before but I am amazed! I have to admit, that I cant do my whole skincare without beeswax and honey especially in winter as it is perfect against dry skin. But I love, that it is cruelty free and definitley want to support the company. Thanks for sharing! :)


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