Monday, 24 February 2020

OPV Beauty Rainbow Splash Palette Review

I've had this stunning rainbow eyeshadow palette; the OPV Rainbow Splash palette in my collection since late last year from the Black Friday sales and I've just managed to get around to using it and I have some thoughts... (spoiler alert it's incredible!)

For creative makeup and bright shade lovers, you will absolutely adore this palette and it will surely release the creative artist inside you. The palette contains 20, bright and bold shades ranging from mattes to shimmers, and a metallic shade. It retails for £24.50 here on BeautyBay which works out at around £1.20 an eyeshadow, which I think is very reasonable considering the quality of the shadows which you'll see shortly.

I do love a bright eyeshadow palette and I test out different ones all the time just like this one which I reviewed here if you want to check that out too.

All of the shades I ended up using for my first look with the palette which were; 'Storm', 'Atlantis', 'Dream', 'Eclipse', 'Phantom', 'Utopia' & 'Frosty' performed beautifully - they blended into each other easily, the pigmentation is really intense (besides 'Dream', which I did have to pack on a little bit more than the other shades to build up the intensity). The shade 'Eclipse' which is that bright, barbie pink shade did go a tiny bit patchy by my brow bone. However, I haven't waxed under my brows in a while and I find this really makes a difference to how smooth my shadow blends so I'm taking that into consideration and not putting down the shade at all as it was so pigmented - so a little does go a long way! 

Below are some photos of swatches of the shadows, the first picture is without flash and the second is with, that lavender shimmer purple 'Chimera' is so stunning! The only shade I have any real criticism about as I like to be as transparent as possible in my reviews is 'Fantasy' which is described as a deep blue with teal reflects. This shade felt quite rough upon swatching in comparison to the other shades which all felt smooth, and I couldn't really get the glitter to show up - the base of the shadow looks a lot sheerer in my opinion compared to the other shades which are all very vibrant, so I won't be getting ready in a hurry to dive into this shade. 

I was so impressed with the shades 'Storm' which is the gorgeous deep berry matte in the palette, which so gorgeous, deep and intense. Also -  'Utopia', which is the lighter shimmery blue and like I said in my YouTube review video 'companies really know how to make blues these days don't they!'. It was so reflective and gorgeous and I'll definitely be throwing this all over the lid in the summertime. 

If you hadn't gathered already, I'm absolutely obsessed with this palette and it's definitely going to make an appearance in the summertime festival season. The shades 'Flame' which is that gorgeous metallic shade and 'Prismatic' which is the orange bronze shade remind me of MAC's 'Copper Sparkle' pigment, which I used to rock frequently back in the day so I'm busting to use those shades soon - expect another makeup look on my Instagram page and YouTube channel soon.

You definitely need this OPV Rainbow Splash palette in your collection and I couldn't recommend it enough, I'm also now keen to check out other products by OPV Beauty as the quality of this palette is unreal. In case you missed the link earlier in this post, it retails for £24.50 from Beauty bay here. This is the makeup look I created below, you know, something for popping to the shops of course...

With makeup products, photos only show so much so it's definitely worth checking out my video review here or below to see a live application and initial thoughts on the shades!

I personally adore rainbow-themed palettes and am so glad there are so many more available these days, will you be picking up this OPV Beauty Rainbow splash palette for your collection or is it a bit too bright for your taste?

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo 



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    1. It's honestly STUNNING! So excited to create more looks with it!

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