Tuesday, 25 February 2020

An Exciting Step In My Beauty Influencer Career - Morphe Glam Fam


I can't quite believe it, when I sit back and think about it - I'm a part of Morphe's 'Glam Fam' which is a step toward their PR list, working collaborations and so on, it's an absolute dream come true and I couldn't be more grateful.

I've been creating beauty videos and blogging 'officially' since 2011/2012, however, I would say that really started 4/5 years ago and during the start-up of my YouTube channel and blog, I was directing my content more to become a makeup artist and had a lot going on in my life during my teenage years that I didn't have the time to dedicate towards it. 

I remember seeing Morphe pop up here, there and everywhere a few years ago - mainly via American YouTubers and it was a really sought after brand of mine as you couldn't get your hands on it easily here in the UK. Here in the UK, we never used to be able to access unique, fun makeup brands with the exception of department store brands that you can also get in the states. Now, Morphe has tons of stores, across the US and the UK and you can easily get your hands on their affordable beauty products - which of course, is a little dangerous for my bank balance!

Just over a month ago, I received an email from Morphe, asking me if I wanted to be part of their 'Glam Fam', where they will kindly send me some product every so often to create content with and promote, which is such a step in the right direction! Of course, I happily accepted - being a fan of Morphe for years and I've reviewed their palettes in the past using my own money, just like the '39s Such A Gem palette' and the coveted 'James Charles Unleash Your Inner Artist palette'. They've given me a discount code to help promote which is 'GLAMFAM334' (note this down if you think you'll forget!) which gets you £/$5 off purchases of £/$10 or more on the Morphe website, that's the UK site included! It's a one-time use code so just bear that in mind and use it for something you're really desiring for your makeup collection!

The first package which is this one here, I've received the '18A Blue Ya Away palette', a 4 piece eye brush set (which I can no longer find on the site), the '8Z Starblazer Highlighter palette', the 'Blushing Babes Blush Trio in Pop Of Fuschia' and two lip products (in my YouTube video I kept referring to both of them as liquid lipsticks however one is a gloss - whoops!) which are the matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'Virgin' and the lip gloss in the shade 'Freestyle' which worked really well together actually and created a really gorgeous plump lip look!

I'm not going to give a full review of the products in this post as I mainly wanted to talk in excitement about my accomplishment of joining the Morphe Glam Fam. I will tell you though, that the '18A Blue Ya Away' eyeshadow palette was my favourite product out of the selection they sent me and performed absolutely beautifully, was rich in pigment and blended like a dream. The highlighter palette was my next favourite and I used the shade 'Lit' to add a glow to my cheekbones - so stunning!

If you'd like to purchase any Morphe products, which I highly recommend you do if you're a makeup fanatic like myself - then use my code 'GLAMFAM334' to save yourself some money on any online orders on Morphe.com which are over £/$10 or more! I don't earn any commission from this code, just it shows Morphe that I'm actively promoting and I will always be super transparent on my social media as the world of blogging and social media can be a little confusing if you're not completely involved. 

Here's the look I created using the Morphe products - I hope you like it!

Thanks so much for reading and supporting me along my blogging journey and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

*This contains PR samples and the beginning of a working relationship with Morphe Brushes, all opinions are my own (as always) and I haven't been paid to create this blog post.

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  1. I have my own makeup page and love Morphe products and wanted to know how to get into the glam fam


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