Wednesday, 22 January 2020

The Cosmetic Apex - Sample Beauty's Sister Brand

So, Sample Beauty have a sister brand 'The Cosmetic Apex' that I've been meaning to try out ever since I discovered Sample Beauty and since browsing their site, I've also discovered the other brand - 'The Cosmetic Apex', I really loved the look of all of their products, especially 'The Pinnacle Palette' which is only £15 (or £13.50 here with my discount code - 'SHIVONMAKEUPBIZ'! Amazing!). 

In my order from The Cosmetic Apex/Sample Beauty, I also picked up the 'Fern' pigment from Sample Beauty which is a gorgeous pink reflect and also the 'Amorous' 'Gasm Gloss which is so nice and pigmented. On a side note, I have stupidly deleted my video files for my YouTube tutorial and review, after spending 3 hours filming the video and 3 hours trying to get the footage back this morning, it's no use - so really sorry there's no YouTube video to go alongside this post! However; on the plus side - there is an Instagram video here where you can see the products in action as well as more photo posts on my Instagram page here (coming soon).

So onto the palette, the palette consists of 12 beautiful, vibrant and pigmented eyeshadows - super fun colours to get your creative flow on and 1 of those shadows is a gorgeous bronze shimmer which I have yet to play with, but looks absolutely beautiful and there will definitely be a look using that coming soon. The outer part of the palette actually has a subtle iridescent finish, rather than just stock white - which is a really nice touch and adds a little sparkle in the light. My favourite shadow that I tried out in the palette is actually the dark blue - which is a surprise for me as usually my favourite shades are warm burgundys/reds/pinks, however this blue is just so deep, stunning and really packs a punch!

All of the products I picked up this time from Sample Beauty (the palette, gloss and pigment) are absolutely stunning and so affordable, so if you're looking for creative beauty on a budget; Sample Beauty's your brand and they get a huge thumbs up from me.

Definitely go ahead and check Sample Beauty out here and don't forget to use my discount 'SHIVONMAKEUPBIZ' for 10% off!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

Much Love, Shiv xoxo


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