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Focallure Beauty - An Overview Review

I remember seeing the brand 'Focallure' pop up on my Instagram feed a while ago and thought that their palettes looked gorgeous and I was really intrigued however as it goes, time got the better of me and I didn't end up purchasing anything. A couple of months ago, one of the lovely ladies from their marketing team reached out to me and asked if I'd like to try out some of their products and of course I jumped at the chance as they really do have some gorgeous makeup products in their range. After having a look on their site, I could see that the price range is very affordable which I love - but are they worth the hype? Let's find out... 

First up is the Diamond Glow highlighter in the shade 'Golden Crystal', which I need to address before we move on to the actual formula and application - Yes, you're not hallucinating, there is a typo on mine 'Golw' rather than 'Glow' which I found incredibly amusing! I understand this was most likely a factory issue/mistake but I don't actually mind too much as it's definitely unique! Just something to consider on quality control here. 

This highlighter sells for £7.73 at the time of writing this blogpost on the site here, which I think is a really good price. The packaging feels very standard, but simple and it works - the highlighter pan itself is so pretty and has an embossed diamond in the middle which is so cute. The embossed diamond is a slightly more pink colour, when swirled together it creates a really beautiful champagne highlight shade, perfect for fairer skin tones - it also feels really silky and isn't glittery at all. 

Brows, brows, brows - gosh they're just so important aren't they. Initially, when I saw this 'Brow Gel Cream' in the pan, I was a little apprehensive as it looked very dark. I received the shade 'chocolate' which they must've colour matched me from my Instagram photos. The brow gel cream sells for £3.47 at the time of writing this blogpost from the site here, which is such an insanely good price! 

On application, I was pleasantly surprised that the shade is actually perfect for me and just looks darker in the pot - my guess is due to the pigment being so intense. It doesn't feel too waxy and is easy to use - definitely a thumbs up from me on this one and I shall be reaching for this from day to day.

It's lippy time! (reference from some of my more recent YouTube tutorials). I received two lip products from Focallure - a velvet lip gloss in the shade '05 Bole' which sells for £3.87 here and a matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'Wine' which sells for £4.09 here. When I filmed my first impressions video on these products - I picked the shade 'Bole' to use as it went with my look more so I haven't actually put 'Wine' on my lips as of yet, but keep your eyes out on my social media for updates on that! 

The 'velvet lip gloss' is definitely more of a liquid lipstick that still keeps a shine? It doesn't set completely down but I definitely wouldn't describe it as a lipgloss. This shade in particular is actually really beautiful and really umped up the amp of my look - it felt super comfortable on the lips too, so I'd definitely recommend checking these out - especially for £3.87! 

Next up, we have the 'Superfine Liquid Eyeliner' which sells for £4.63 from their site here. Wow. Just wow with this one - it glides on so smoothly and you can really define that sharp cut wing easily, it has a felt tip but I'd describe it as more of a brush tip liner so it's super flexible. It lasts for absolute ages and after swatching it on my hand when I went to wash it off, I really had to scrub to remove it - which in my eyes is definitely a good thing when it comes to eyeliner, you want it to last right?! 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll know I'm a massive palette-aholic, I've been collecting them for years throughout my makeup obsession and I'm always most excited to see what palette a brand has to offer. I was sent two palettes to play with; the 'Paris 15 Colour Eyeshadow Palette' (£13.14 here) and the 'Constellation 12 Colours Eyeshadow Palette' (£13.14 here). Let's have a look at the Paris palette first... 

Straight off the bat, the packaging for this palette is just perfect - with the view of Paris as the background with that slight sunrise hue, so gorgeous. This palette has some truly beautiful tones to it, I love the mixture of warm tones with pops of colour and high shimmer. The shade 'Macarons' really stood out to me and I just had to play with this colour, on swatch it feels more like an eyeshadow topper so when I applied it I put it on top of a black sticky base so it would be really vibrant and oh my gosh it was so stunning! The matte shades I used in my look; 'Versailles', 'Omelette', 'Elysees' and 'Eiffel Tower' all performed beautifully, were nice and pigmented and easy to blend. I highly recommend this palette - perfect for travel too as it comes with a decent mirror and is a smaller size. 

Finally we have the 'Constellation 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette' (£13.14 here) which out of the two I was actually most excited to play with, simply because of the packaging and how obsessed I am with astrology (not that that has anything to do with the formula but nonetheless it made me very excited!). 

This palette is slightly larger than the Paris palette and has a mixture of 12 warm tones eyeshadows with a pop of a glittery blue/purple kind of colour 'Aquarius' which I was drawn to straight away and also incorporated into my look that I created. Compared to the Paris eyeshadow palette, I would describe this as an everyday eyeshadow palette as the shades are mostly neutral tones. Another typo/spelling error here - 'Piscess' has an extra 's' and it actually bothers me v. slightly in this palette, especially as it's right in the middle and my mirror came broken despite lots of bubble wrap/protective packaging - if I had any constructive criticsm on the products here, it would definitely be quality control. I'm not saying they're bad products, because they're definitely not - they're actually beautiful and perform amazingly but these little details definitely make a difference. A shade to highlight in this palette which I haven't got round to using as of yet is 'Scorpio' which has a very unique, creamy like texture and the glitter in it definitely does show through on swatch - really excited to play with this shade. 

Here's the look that I created below using both eyeshadow palettes and the rest of the products, I am actually so happy with how this look turned out and how the products performed - I'll definitely be reaching for the brow gel cream and the liner on an everyday basis for sure! 

Watch my video review here:

Will you be trying out anything from Focallure Beauty?

Thanks for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xoxo

*This post contains PR samples with no obligation to post. All prices were correct at the time of writing this blogpost.

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