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De-stress with the Koala Weighted Blanket

Ah Autumn, we meet again - it's a time when we should be taking a moment to slow down and cosy up with a hot chocolate and movies. Most of the time, this is the time when life seems to get so fast paced that we forget to take a second for ourselves - have we achieved all of our year's resolutions? What do we have left to do before the year is over? Do we need to get our long-lost relative a Christmas present? It all creeps up on top of us and I think we all need to realise how important it is to de-stress/unwind and take some serious me time

That's when I discovered The Koala Blanket by Kalm Koala popping up all over my social media feed, as I've been searching for things to help me unwind in the evenings after a long busy day. There's nothing better than cosying up with a warm blanket in the Autumn/Winter months but this weighted blanket is a blanket with a difference. It uses deep touch technology to calm your central nervous system, which stabilises your stress levels, increases relaxation and of course improves the quality of your sleep; which of course is so important with daylight savings times messing up our circadian rhythm. 

The Koala weighted blankets are best when they weigh in-between 7-13% of your bodyweight - mine is 6.8KG for reference and is 48'' by 78'' which fits my single bed perfectly. Boy is the blanket heavy! It actually surprised me when trying to remove from the box but once I've put it on my bed, it's absolutely fine and doesn't feel too constricting. 

The website actually has a neat little toggle so you can see which weight would be best for you;

I was very curious to see what made the blanket so heavy and to add the weight, it actually contains small glass beads which are non-toxic, BPA free, odourless and hypoallergenic, which are in-between all of the fabric layers so you can't feel them and it's super comfy. As we're all looking for ways to stay eco-friendly, you'll be pleased to know it's made of bamboo & cotton which is fab bonus. I was slightly concerned that I'd loose the weighted blanket within the cover after I've slept with it a few times however, the clever team at Kalm Koala have actually used ties inside the duvet cover so it doesn't move around! Genius. 

There's nothing better than a warm hug and that's exactly what this blanket imitates (so cute!) which helps to naturally release melatonin and serotonin - the brain's 'happy chemicals', in turn reducing anxiousness and improved slumber. It's insanely soft, calming and makes you feel secure, perfect for those busy Autumn/Winter days when you just need to unwind. On a final note in case you're one of those who don't like being too warm in bed, it has a silkier side for warmer weather and the other side is the super soft side for when it's a bit chilly - hello UK winter!

All you need to add is a warm, yummy hot chocolate (Galaxy frothy is my current fave!), your favourite YouTube videos on a playlist/Netflix binge or a good book to enter a world of your imagination. Write out your goals and dreams, give yourself an at home facial with your favourite skincare products and light up a candle for some ambience. Just simply taking an hour or two out of your evening to unwind from the day you've had, reflect on what went well and that you're grateful for and what you could improve the next day really just sets the tone of the day - following these simple steps like in my YouTube video here has really helped me feel a whole lot calmer. 

You can get £10 off Kalm Koala with the code SHIVON here and at the moment of writing this post for November, they've actually got 33% off all of their blankets which is amazing!

Thanks so much to the team at Kalm Koala for working with me on this post and my autumn night routine video here, the blanket is making me so excited to de-stress every evening. 

Thanks for reading and until next time,
Much Love, Shiv xo 

*This post is in paid collaboration with Kalm Koala.

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