Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Life Updates; New Job, Exciting New Project, Body Confidence

So here we are, a bunch of blog photos edited and ready to post and I've got a severe case of writer's block. I would love to write about something inspiring and cutting edge today but the thoughts just aren't passing through me. My blog started off circa 2011 to be a page showcasing my journey as a budding makeup artist, then I wanted to talk about beauty and fashion and in the past few years I've realised just how much I love writing, about 'deep' topics and going off on rambles about 21st century issues. So let's just have a good old fashion ramble about what's going on in my little life at the moment and see where that takes us shall we?

Treating My Blog & YouTube Channel Like A Business

I've always been an ambitious person, when I imagined my dream life as a youngster, I always imagined living in a big fancy skyline apartment, with a gorgeous husband and a successful, high flying job. This dream is still somewhat true but my priorities and idealities are so much different. Now I dream of (please don't cringe) 'being my own boss', continuing my healthy, loving relationship with my boyfriend and exploring the world together. For some people, a Monday to Friday 9-5 routine works for them perfectly, they go to work, earn their hard earned sterling, come home to a freshly cooked meal and then go to sleep and do the same thing the next day, living for the weekends. This just doesn't appeal to me, I want my life to be so much more than that and that's why I'm so glad I have this huge passion in life, of creating - whether that be a bold makeup look, a blog post or a video that's taken me over 6 hours at least to get together and publish on the world wide web for all to see. 

In the past year or so, I've decided that I really want to take all of my social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' and of course my good old YouTube channel way more seriously. By that, I don't mean whipping out social media for dummies and going completely by the book and becoming mind-numblingly boring, I mean just making sure to keep creating content, being more business minded - being proud of my successes and learning from my mistakes. After all, you want something bad enough you should work hard enough for it so watch this space...

New 'Day' Job

Influencer by night and now Senior Beauty & Fragrance consultant for a well known, large retail store by day. I've worked all sorts of jobs throughout the past 7/8 years I've been earning my dollar for, from chopping up vegetables and waitressing in a small, family owned British pub to finance admin for a boiler company to customer service for one of the, if not the biggest online fashion retailers so I've done my fair share of work. I've now finally landed myself a job in an industry that I'm actually interested in (I'm leaving a golf entertainment centre lol) and I'm beyond excited, nervous albeit but excited. I'm so excited to be able to talk about makeup in my day job and be encouraged to do so, to brighten people's day by showing them a product that makes them feel like a star and just to start something fresh too. I start next week so wish me luck!

Exciting Mystery 'Influencer Related' Project

The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get and it's starting to make me realise that maybe it's not luck - it's just a lot of work and a lot of positive energy that I'm putting out. I've somehow managed to land a few brand collaborations in the past few months and I'm so proud of myself - you would've heard every influencer on the planet say it but it really is true; it's so much more than some extra money in your bank account, it means so much that a brand would even look at you and think 'yes' let's work with her! I'm not allowed (genuinely - I've signed a contract and everything) to talk about it openly on social media etc until everything has been announced however I will say, a couple of months ago I had a phone call and something exciting is going to happen soon!

Body Confidence

Body confidence is an issue that I actually think the millennial generation/generation X are actually better at touching on and I've realised it's so much more than your size. I remember when I first started going out with my boyfriend and focusing in my head to not slouch or sit in certain angles in case it made me look frumpy and wanting to always have sex in the dark in case he saw my 'wobbly bits' or stretch marks or cellulite, stubble and so on. I look at this whole topic so differently now, I'll lie in bed completely naked because of this intense UK heatwave; wobbly bits, stubble and stretch marks galore and feel perfectly comfortable because I realise my body is beautiful, my belly is so soft and every time I get up my boyfriend will tell me a compliment about my body. I'm not an expert on body confidence or health and fitness, I just want people to get out of this mindset that if they lose a few pounds or 'tone up' certain areas, it's going to add to their lifelong happiness, because it's just not - there's so much more to life than that. Hell, eat the chocolate bar and enjoy it, go for walks and enjoy your surroundings and company rather than focusing on how many steps you've done on your Fitbit. It's not that I'm saying not to want to improve your health and exercise often - definitely do, just realise that, it's honestly not the meaning of life and you are so beautiful just the way you are. This has kind of turned into a little preaching paragraph about body confidence but here we go - it's important! If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love anybody else? (Ru Paul quote peeps)

So here we are; my current life updates and a ramble about body confidence. 

Till Next Time,
Shiv xoxo

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