Monday, 9 July 2018

A Pretty Summer Outfit - Birmingham Stroll Style

A couples of weeks or so ago, I headed up to Birmingham city to shoot a couple of outfits with Leah Higgins and it was definitely an adventure getting there, you can see the other outfit post here. I was supposed to wake up at 7am and leave by 9:30am sharp, to drive to a nearby station and then to catch the 2 hour train to Birmingham New Street station. I was planning on doing my makeup on the train and arriving in calm fashion to take some photos, have a little walk around then head home and be productive on my phone on the way home. 

What actually happened was; I slept through my alarm, woke up at 9:02am - rushed to the station and managed to get to the platform on time - my train was delayed, which was fine as it would only make me 5 minutes later than expected and Leah isn't too far from the station. Halfway into my journey, the train stopped at Northampton - which it always does for a few minutes so no one on the carriage panicked, until the train conductor told us all to get off the train and there was a rail replacement bus service arranged for us, which would take us to Rugby station and then we would need to continue our journey from there. I did the majority of my makeup on the first section of the train journey, a bus and then at the station real quick so apologies it's not as 'fleeky' as usual! - This story has no relevance to the playsuit I'm showing you in today's post, I just wanted to express that not all journeys run smoothly but as long as you get there it's all cool! 

 Birmingham is definitely one of my favourite cities after London, I've got such a sweet spot for it after creating so many memories with my boyfriend there - you've got the cute restaurants around the Mailbox area which is close to where these photos were taken, the bullring shopping centre is massive and the nightlife scene is definitely one to hit up if you love a party.

I definitely recommend taking a stroll around a new city this summer, people watching and just taking it all in.

Till Next Time, 

Shiv xo

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