Thursday, 28 June 2018

Revolution X Soph Does Nails Extra Spice Palette & Lipsticks Review

Revolution Beauty are a brand that have massively snowballed in the beauty scene in the past few years and I've been loving more and more of their products recently. They're a brand that is constantly  hyping up new products and jumping on new trends. One of their newest releases really caught my eye and that is the new Soph Does Nails collaboration which consists of an 18 colour eyeshadow palette and 3 nude, creamy lipsticks. 

I didn't get round to trying the first collaboration they did with Sophie with her original eyeshadow palette and highlighter palette and at the time of this coming out, I hadn't actually heard of or seen Soph Does Nails yet. Until recently when the hype of this palette was all over social media I just had to try it and have a mooch through her channel and she's really sweet and funny, I'd definitely recommend giving her videos a watch right here.

First up, my favourite part of any collaboration or makeup release is always the eyeshadow palette, I'm a massive eyeshadow palette collector and have a whole draw full to the brim of palettes and some on my makeup dressing table too. The palette really speaks to me with the gorgeous warm, fiery and spicy tones. The colours 'twenty one', 'sweet n sour' + 'romance' are definitely my favourite in the palette. I'm not a big lover of silver eyeshadow so I probably won't get round to using 'Infinity' any time soon but that's not a reflection on the eyeshadow itself. Onto the swatches...

As you can see above, I really did struggle taking these swatch photos as for some reason my arm was a bit shaky that day so the weight of my DSLR camera was a struggle - so apologies for the not so best swatches but you can still see the shadows here. The warmer tones in the palette definitely swatch the best which is a plus as they're my favourite. All of the shadows I tried blended out beautifully and wore for a long time on my eye - the only shadow if I'm being deep about the palette that didn't swatch the best would be the lighter green shade 'Aurora' but I haven't yet had a play with it on my eyes so I'll update you on my YouTube channel if I get round to trying it out - maybe for a festive look? 

The palette retails for £10 and can be purchased from Superdrug online here and in stores as well as the official Revolution Beauty website. I think it's a really good value for money and has some really pretty colours into it - so if you're looking for a good palette on a budget I'd recommend checking this one out and this is the look I created below.

Next onto the lipsticks, first of all it goes without saying that the packaging and overall look of these lipsticks is gorgeous! The rose gold bullet and lid as well as the matte nude base is just perfect and so instagrammable, although I had to cut the top of the second picture of as you could see my lens in the  lipstick lid - I love mirrored packaging like this, it's just quite difficult to photograph. There are 3 lipsticks in the collection; 'Cake' (a pinky nude), 'Syrup' (brown nude) and 'Fudge' which is a deeper chocolate brown nude and they retail for £4 each which is a really good price for a nice nude lipstick with lush packaging. 

I love these lipsticks, I'm usually more of a matte finish kinda gal however these feel so luxurious on the lips and feel nourishing too which makes a change from the ultra matte finish I usually stem toward. It almost looks like a gloss but doesn't feel sticky so these are a massive win in my opinion and you can see the shade 'Syrup' on my lips on my Instagram here.

I definitely recommend trying out this collection for yourself and for £24 for the whole collection you really can't go wrong.

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