Wednesday, 6 June 2018

#GirlBoss - What It Means To Me

Throughout the past three to four years I'd say, the phrase 'Girl Boss' has been hashtagging it's way all over social media pages like nobody's business. Or, maybe it's somebody's business - and only that somebody has any idea what it means to them. 

To me, a #GirlBoss is a woman who's dreams and goals are bigger than she can ever imagine but she'll stop at nothing to achieve them. A #GirlBoss is someone who takes ownership for her actions and the outcomes they provide, rises above the obstacles that are in the way of her path - whether that be negativity from others or anything as small as a technological error on her SD card. 

In this present time; powerful, inspiring and determined women are on the rise, we're building businesses, creating dreams and lifting each other up as we climb to those goals. I love it. It's no secret that we as women, have quite literally had to fight for our rights since, well - time began. The women's suffrage act finally gave American women the right to simply place a vote, ended on the 18th of August 1920 after almost a century of protesting and standing up for their rights. Only recently, have Saudi Arabia announced that they're going to lift the ban for women to drive. Also only recently, have the women in Ireland won their right to access a legal abortion, thoughts on that topic aside - it's clear to see that there have been #GirlBoss's throughout history and they're still working today to fight for what's right and show that we can be as powerful and as important as men. 

When I originally started writing this post, I had no intention to go on a slight tangent about feminism and how amazing women are but I think that just goes to show what being a #GirlBoss means to me. 

Being a #GirlBoss to me is owning your success and making dreams come to life, sure you can get some help along the way, and I think it's good to be able to accept help but everything you achieve, you can happily say 'I achieved this because of me and my actions'. This year is halfway through, and I can happily say that everything positive that has happened this year has been due to me, me going after opportunities and working my boobies off - staying positive when an obstacle pops up and encouraging others to follow their dreams
You got this boo. 

What does #GirlBoss mean to you?

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