Friday, 22 June 2018

Are We Still Judging Others For What They're Wearing?

In my eyes, fashion is something that's made of current and upcoming styles, that will trend for a while then evolves into something completely different which is amazing. Style on the other hand, is completely down to the person who's wearing the clothes/styling the outfit and that's amazing too as you can really express yourself through your outfit. 

I've never been one who knows the ins and outs of designers, I've just always loved styling outfits together but in all honesty, I don't think I'd be able to set apart a Gucci bag from a Chanel bag and be able to look at someone's handbag and point out if it's fake or not - I can tell you if I think it's pretty though! I know there's a quote that says 'Fashion fades but style is eternal' which is from Yves Saint Laurent and I love that quote. 

I've had these photos on my computer for just over 3 weeks now, all organised into the ones that are my favourite from my shoot in London with the talented Kaye Ford and I've been waiting for a topic I wanted to talk about to go alongside them. I was considering just posting them all as an outfit based post until this happened...

I currently work in an entertainment/leisure centre, where my work uniform is a coloured branded polo, either a black skirt or black jeans/trousers and any black trainers. During the heatwave a couple of weeks ago now, it was really hot and I decided to get my legs out for my shift as working in jeans in a busy customer facing job was going to be uncomfortable. I picked my favourite black skirt - which is a faux leather skirt with a zip down the middle and fake pockets, it's really cute and I love it. I started my shift as a happy bunny, said hello to other colleagues on my way in through the staff entrance, and as I walked into the building past some customers, a girl in a group of girls and boys said to one of the other girls in a rude, sassy tone 'If you ever see me wearing a leather skirt, kill me.' Now, I didn't hear this - however a fellow colleague was walking a little behind me and heard it and I did notice the girls giving me a weird look as I walked through the building. When I was told this, I honestly just laughed and went 'what?!'. Then I just thought, my skirt is faux leather - I'm not wearing a cow around my body and also, I didn't realise my choice in skirt affected your life? Why does this offend you so much?

This comment luckily didn't offend or upset me to the point it bothered me as when it comes to outfit choices from random strangers, I'd say I'm pretty thick skinned. For the rest of the shift and up until now, it's just really made me think; it's 2018 and are we still judging others for what they're wearing?

I just don't get it, of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but at least be nice about it or keep any mean comments to yourself? What someone else wears really doesn't affect your life, so why let it offend you? Ever since that day, I've noticed more comments from others on what other people are wearing in a plain, negative way and it just makes me so confused. 

Style is completely up to that individual, so embrace the beauty of it. Embrace that everyone has a different style and finds different things beautiful and put away any negative mindset. If someone has a rude, negative comment about what you're wearing - try and think to yourself that, they aren't happy with themselves and are trying to make themselves feel bigger and it's not a reflection of you as a person.

Embrace being different, embrace your own style and well - don't give a f*ck about irrelevant opinions on clothing choices, it's really not that deep!

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