Monday, 31 July 2017

Being Stood Up - Why It's Them & Not You

The life of a single 20 something can definitely have its ups, it can also have its downs too and one of those downs is the classic 'I've been stood up' scenario.

I've just recently been stood up - twice. With the same guy and it's sparked some inspiration to write this post to all my single gals out there playing the dating game and why when you're stood up, it's most certainly them and not you.

In the two and a half years I've been single, I've experienced many different 'standing up' situations - from every bs excuse under the sun for cancelling, to not turning up and me having spent hours rushing around getting ready, to me accepting the reason calmly and being told that I'm the one in the wrong - honestly, I've heard it all. It ends up making you feel like 'what's wrong with me?' when it happens so often and I've seen other amazing women dealing with the same issue. 

It's them, not you - you're the one who's made the effort to crack on to meet them even with the anticipation and the first date nerves. It's them because they are scared; scared of 'a relationship', scared they'll embarrass themselves or even just scared that their girlfriend/boyfriend may find out... 

Remember - it's them, not you, you're fabulous and move on to the next one - don't let someone who stood you up waste your time and energy.

Dress - Monki 

Love shivs x

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