Tuesday, 31 January 2017

2017 Thoughts | Double Denim

Hitting 00:00 on the 1st of January 2017, it was the first New Years Eve in a long while where I was more so than ever, looking forward to that strike of midnight to chime and the fireworks to blast off; to be moving on from a stressful 2016. As cliche as it is, it's a new year and it really feels like a new opportunity to move any negativity aside, work on what can be fixed and remain positive

I'm often referred to as the 'positive shivs' at work, phrases such as 'We need some positive shivs over here' and 'You love it here, don't you?' often pop up and I always take these words as compliments rather than passing comments as I really aim to beam, spread and grow positivity wherever I go.

2016, what to title you? A constant rollercoaster ride of emotions and probably the biggest learning curve of a year I've experienced since my safe to say, troubled teens. 2016 put me through hearing heart-dropping family related news, on the same evening I had my first (touch wood - the only) car crash, financial burdens, loss of so called friendships, mind games, a loss of my beloved Dog whom when alive, made me feel sane when I needed comforting the most. 2016 put me through anxiety, self-doubt, lack of motivation and a serious loss in mental and physical confidence. All through this year, I tried my absolute hardest to stamp a smile on my face and keep on going - it was tough but I made it and I'm giving myself a subliminal pat on the back.

There were definitely some top memories within 2016 that make me feel happy just thinking of them and when I do, I realise they're all emotion related. What I was feeling at the time of these happy memories was moments of pure bliss. The two main memories of mine of 2016 which I will cherish dearly are; running through the rain in Disneyland Paris, laughing my head off with one of my best friends whom I met at work and think she's absolutely incredible - one of those girls who really takes life by the reigns and says 'Yes' to every fun opportunity going, I'm so glad I made a vlog of the trip and you can see that here. The second favourite memory of mine would be dancing like a mad woman to a Drum & Bass act which I don't remember the name of at SW4 festival, with another best friend of mine, feeling so free and euphoric and like nothing could ruin that moment.

I want that feeling through at least 80% of 2017 (random statistic to look factual and intelligent), when something shit and annoying happens, it's completely natural to be saddened/annoyed whatever the negative emotion may be. Although I don't want to dwell on these emotions and you shouldn't either.

You spend the majority of your life in work, so why do something that makes you miserable? 

Surround yourself with people who make you truly happy, dance like a complete idiot and feel your body feel the music, save money for emergencies and book experiences to look forward to, laugh like a hyena at something you said yourself and pride yourself on being a bit weird. What is normal anyway?

In 2017, I plan to continuing working at ASOS and progress further in my role, find ways to make my friends and family happy and I'm going on my dream trip in late June, which is something I've dreamed about since I was a little girl. It's going to be a great year guys - stand up for what you believe in and let's not keep it 'PG'. I want to talk about real things that people may find a bit 'taboo' to talk about, I want to talk about sex, relationships, money and anything else that I really could've needed some real talk on when I was a few years younger. 

I live for 'realness', it's 2017 people - shouldn't we be past bashing other's appearances, hobbies, religions and careers? Shouldn't we be saying no 2016, this is a new year and we're going to show you what we're made of.

Let's go.

Photos taken by the amazing Zaineb from ZeenaXena and #BloggingGals.

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