Friday, 22 April 2016

Spectrum Brushes; My First Impressions & Review

I'm so late to the party when it comes to the Spectrum Collection brushes being raved up about on Instagram - but hey I'm always late to the party in real life too, maybe there's a trend here? Anyway - I've been after some new brushes for a while and spotted a picture on Sarah Ashcroft's Instagram of these beautiful brushes and that was it - next payday I was set, debit card ready and waiting to pounce.

I decided to splash out and purchased the 12 piece set which was £64.99 which works out to just over £5.40 per brush which is great value for such beautiful and oh so instagrammable brushes! Not only are these brushes stunning to look at, they're also vegan and cruelty free which is fantastic.

Firstly before I get into the review (as you can tell it's going to be a positive one) I'd like to mention how great and pro-active their social media tactics are - I'm no expert at social media marketing but as a blogger I definitely can shed the light on some bad tactics across the world wide web for brands and Spectrum Collections really have hit the nail on the head here - super fun Instagram page that makes the products drool worthy and constantly interacting with customers as well as bloggers/social influencers in a really fun positive way.

The 12 piece 'Marbleous' (love a good pun) set comes with 8 eye brushes and 4 face brushes, the tulip powder brush and the pencil brush I was most excited for as my pencil brush currently is quite scratchy so I wanted something softer which these brushes are so soft, highly recommend these, you can have a butcher's at the brushes here.

Have you tried any brushes from Spectrum? Thoughts? Opinions? Feelings?


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