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Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quads - Review

 Avon is one of those brands that you may have grown up with knowing and circling everything from the catalogue, leaving it on the side and hoping that your fairy godmother would order you pages 1 through 138. I'm such a palette addict for eyeshadows so I was really intrigued to try out something smaller and more compact such as these Avon eyeshadow quads in the shades; Glow Teal, Warm Sunrise and Jeans. All have the alike concept of the 1,2,3,4 steps which I think can be very useful if you're just starting out in make up and need some guidance. The packaging for the palettes is excellent - all black, sleek and comes with a decent quality mirror which is handy for on the go. A critique that I would give would be that they've still provided the old school sponge tip applicators which I only keep in a little box for special effects make up where I can dispose of them afterward - it would be perfect if it came with a mini eyeliner, or a mini eyeshadow brush.

Warm Sunrise
This is my personal favourite quad out of the three that I was playing around with; which is a little bit of a surprise as I tend to adore the more colourful shadows more. However; this palette is all warm tones (hence the name warm sunrise) and I am a huge lover of warm tones - the '3' shade is goooooorgeous as the main crease colour or even all of the lid to really bring out blue/green eyes. The shadows are surprisingly pigmented and easy to blend. This is a winner for me.
This one is my least used/favourite out of the three - although the shadows are lovely these aren't tones I personally tend to draw toward. The shade '4' is stunning though and I can imagine this being a good little travel companion for a late summer getaway - although there is no transition colour so your eye will be all blue and smurf like if you were to just use this quad. There are ways to use this little quad perfectly though - I was thinking of going for a everyday eye then popping a bit of '1' or '2' on the inner corner of the eye or sweep under the lower lash line for a pop of colour.
See me using the Jeans palette here.
Glow Teal
This is gorgeous! I was very impressed with the pigmentation and the quality of the shadows in this one - '4' in particular. The shade '1' is a beautiful, unique highlighting shade - although it doesn't look any different to your standard shimmery champagne colour, it's got tiny flecks of blue in it which just makes it look a little more interesting. I would've personally preferred '2' to be a matte finish as it is still a shimmer/brink of a satin finish.

Overall, I think these quads are really good for going toward when you're just getting started in makeup and want to experiment with different colours without breaking the bank. I use 'warm sunrise' on an everyday basis and love it! There are many of other shade combinations to choose from and you can check them out on the Avon site here.
I was lucky enough to be contacted by Avon to help promote their new mascara so they sent me a few other goodies to play around with.

Have you ever tried Avon shadows? Thoughts?

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