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Tips For PR's; A Blogger's Perspective

A different post for you to read today, I've been noticing a few things that PR's have and haven't been doing recently and since taking part on a twitter chat with @blogger_lounge about PR companies and so forth, I became increasingly inspired to write this post as I realised how much I have to express on the matter.
If you type into Google 'Tips for PR's' it comes out with various articles... from PR companies. I figured that some of the best tips to give to these certain PR companies who work with bloggers... would be from a blogger?! - Logic.

I think the easiest, non monotonous way to go about this is to divide all of my thoughts into sections;

From A Blogger's Perspective

PR 'Do's
  • When sending out emails for blogger outreach, please take two minutes of your time to personalise the email and make it seem warm and friendly - the countless 'dear blogger' / 'dear shivonmakeupbiz' emails that you can so tell are auto-generated from a spreadsheet just make it seem... heartless? - Maybe include a certain blog post/video that the said blogger has created that you liked and why you liked it so we can tell you've actually seen our blog and not just our 'following'.
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar - that's all.
  • After the campaign/review has been agreed it's time to send out the product - include a press release/personalised notes/anything little and extra; this makes all the difference in how far we will take our review for you. Think about it - 8/10 times i'd say we are willingly giving you free advertising - which in this day and age when everything costs more than an arm and a leg it's a revelation. So you might as well make the package even sweeter for us - i'm not talking about throwing in ££££ worth of product; but nicer packaging is a cracking start! I've received countless parcels from PR companies with product in and no note - or anything relating to social media. Why would I want to take the time to try out/take photos/write up the post/put links in/promote on various social media platforms about a product from a company I haven't interacted with. It's completely different if I've purchased something myself and i'm dying to write about it but when it's a product you probably wouldn't go out and purchase normally, it's a whole other story.
  • Give the blogger time to put up the post/video - I personally feel that a lot of brands/pr's who work for the brands set ridiculous time scales and don't really understand how much work goes into one post; trying it out, getting decent lighting/backdrop, photos, editing the photos (to make bright and more appealing to the blog-reading eye.
  • Cross promote the blogger - This is something I feel incredibly passionate about; if you spot/arrange a blogger that's working with your product and promoting it for you, heck - promote them as well! Facebook, twitter and Instagram - give them a little shout out!
  • Work with a variety of sized bloggers; i'm not talking about the dress size of the blogger - i'm talking about their following size. Sure, I completely understand that at the end of the day you're helping to promote and bring more profit to the business so of course; the more following the better. However; mix and match the sizes and look at their growth rate, not just the size now. Example? Take blogger A) 10,000 bloglovin' followers - doesn't post regularly, has been on roughly the same number for months but this blogger does reach an awful lot of people. B) 150 bloglovin' followers - posts once/twice a week, has amazing photography skills, and is gaining at least 50 a week new followers on various platforms. Mix blogger A & B together and you have a blogger with a serious following, content and growth. Comprehend?
  • Take into account what kind of content the blogger usually writes/vlogs about (credit- @scribbling_lau) - it's simple; a beauty blogger won't blog about food samples and a food blogger won't blog about the latest launch in mascara's.
PR 'Dont's'
  • Auto-generated email that starts with their blog name or something along the lines of 'dear blogger, we like your blog 'insert blog URL here' and wish to work with you, we are offering you to showcase our products on your blog 'insert blog URL here' and would like to send samples out. - No, no, no, no... no. First of all - this could be such an awesome opportunity from an amazing un-discovered brand but it's just so heartless and bland. Switch it up for example; 'Hi Shivon! How are you doing today? We've been reading your blog and love your content - we really love the post with the flared trousers! - We're launching a new collection on our clothing website 'insert brand website' and think you'd be a perfect fit for the campaign! We would love to send you a few samples to try out and we're 100% sure you'll love them to review! Look forward to hearing from you' - This is perfect in my eyes.
  • Following from the 'do's' - send a blank parcel (product with no leaflet or note) and expect some amazing well thought out review.
  • Bad social media presence  - Not only will bloggers see this but so will your paying customers. Think anything from; bad mouthing anyone's appearance/style, offensive jokes, rude comebacks to complaints, lack of social media presence.
  • Obviously ignore multiple self-willingly posts/reviews etc on twitter./facebook/instagram and not respond to them - even if you see a blogger (not matter what size) tweet in excitement about a product god for sake it - respond! Retweet, re-gram - reply! A side note; this will also show the customers who visit your social media that your products are popular and people love them and use them.
  • Use the wrong name (credit - @hannerking)- no other words needed for this one.
  • Ignore emails - even if you feel the need to kindly decline - let them know and also let them know why (in a kind way) and put them on a list of bloggers to contact in the future; they're obviously interested in your brand so you may want to keep them on your list.
  • Harass the blogger for a review when they've had the courage to let you know they didn't get on with it - we won't (well the good kind) do dis-honest reviews - why would we want to promote a product we didn't like?

-Phew- That was a long one to type up; I have so many thoughts on this subject to talk about that I feel as if I've been typing for years, decades in fact. A lot of the do's and don't seem to correspond with each other so take bits and bobs from this post and use the tips! 

- I am not going to name any of the brands I've had trouble with on this blog -

Another side note - these 'tips' are all from my experience working with brands as a blogger & 'youtuber' I am not an expert on this subject - I just have a lot to say.

I would love to know your thoughts on the subject! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below or tweet me at @shivonmakeupbiz as i'm quicker to respond on there. If you happen to do a post on this as well please tweet me it as I would love to read it!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time...



  1. I'm not a blogger, but you pointed it out really good. PR companies should really read this post and learn from it.

    1. get down to the nitty gritty and tell it like it is! haha xxx


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