Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sebamed Skin Care Review + Giveaway

My skin for me has always been a struggle, whilst I don't have sever acne at all I do struggle with hormonal breakouts and huge painful volcanoes zits on my chin especially. On another note, why do the spots always show up in the most obvious of places?! You know - in the middle of your eyebrows, on your chin or slap bang in the middle of your forehead?!

I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to blemish fixing products/ranges as they never seem to work or just generally do what they do on the tube.

I really love these products! My favourite is the deep cleansing facial toner which is refreshing and really feels like you've cleansed every little left over scrap of make-up/dirt/oil from the day. I tested out the trio of Sebamed products by cleansing my face my normal way which is removing my eye make-up first with any old eye make-up remover, then following up with a cleanser to remove my face make up and any excess eye make-up; then to follow up applying the 'Deep Cleansing Facial Toner' to a cotton pad and sweeping over my face, giving my face a fan which feels so refreshing. After the toner I would apply a little bit of the care gel to my problem areas - my chin and around my eyebrows. I only tested out the cleansing bar once, but it just didn't work on my skin type unfortunately but for anyone with super oily skin this would be perfect!

I would 100% recommend trying out the Sebamed skin care range if you're looking for something to give you that lovely summer skin that makes not only yourself feel beautiful but your skin look beautiful too! I definitely actually noticed a difference in my skin after trialling out these products - the spots on my chin are significantly faded as well as no new ones came through whilst testing out these products.

You can find sebamed here and here on twitter!

Now for the exciting bit - I am going to be giving away each one of these products as I really want one of you lovely readers to try them out for yourself!

All you have to to do to enter is simply;

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 Thanks for reading, good luck with the giveaway and until next time...


  1. I always get a vulcano on my chin when there is something where I need to go, a birthday or something. Normally everything ok, and here and there a little blemish, seeing a lot of people: Hello there vulcano!

  2. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...

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