Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Make-Up

Christmas is definitely that time of year for me that i'm loving sparkles more than ever. I am a huge glitter fan regardless of the season but the holiday/party season actually gives you a genuine excuse to smother your face in glitter and everything sparkly!
Usually my tutorials involve a lot of steps, but I wanted to show you that you can achieve an eye-catching look without 431.5 steps to get there. All you really need for this festive look is a glittery eyeliner of your choice (doesn't necessarily have to be green) a gold eye-shadow and a bold lip of your choice. Simples.

Product Listing:

      Under Eye Concealer: MAC Prep & Prime 'Radiant Rose'

Crease - Downfall
Lid - Lucky
Inner Corner - Bobby Dazzle
Lower Lash Line - Dragon
Glitter Liner: Collection Glitter Liner


You can catch the tutorial here:

I really enjoyed creating the collaboration with Alisa and loved the way it turned out! I've got a brand new filming set-up as you can see and a brand new frame of mine to go with it.
If you have any requests for make-up looks/blog posts etc... please leave me a comment below or even better tweet me at @shivonmakeupbiz as I am very active on there!

Have a lovely day where-ever you are, and may your eyes be forever sparkling.
Lots of love,
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