Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bloggers Love Hub; Day One

Just in case you've been living in a blogging bubble - bloggers love is an awesome website/community/company run by a lovely lady called Danielle. Danielle arranges bloggers events in London for bloggers and brands to network and mingle! 

I've been to the last Bloggers Love Fashion Week before which was held at the Penthouse in Leicester Square which was awesome - I loved it! (check that post out here)

This time around I was a 'VIB' (very important blogger - awesome!) - basically I got given a VIB black card that I could show to a brand I would like to try - however I didn't want to abuse it so I only showed it once! This also means you get a little name badge and a goodie bag on your seat as well as having to cover the full event!

One little concept in the Bloggers Love Hub that I thought was such an awesome idea was the 'Blogging Cafe' where they set up cupcakes and sweeties, with a notebook, pens, nail art tools and a tablet to look at your blog and discuss other ideas with fellow bloggers. - Ooooh and they also had a polaroid camera which was a lot of fun!

Now let's go onto the brands that were exhibiting at the event..

First up is Glowbeads - the lovely lady Katherine was so sweet and really friendly, after going to the first Bloggers Love events I had previously went to - it's so much easier to just go up and chat to brands. After all - they're hear to try and promote their stuff!
Glowbeads are so pretty! They look like normal pretty bracelets in normal light, but when you take a flash picture or put it in strong bursts of lights - they glow!

I fell in love with the purple glow bead bracelet (bottom left) and was lucky enough to be gifted it! It is so beautiful and I wore it to work all day yesterday! You should definitely all go and check out Glowbeads!

Next up is MadameLaLa - a tanning company (yes please!) after looking at all of the brands online before attending - MadameLaLa was one of the brands I was most excited to have a nosy at! I myself am a big lover of a fake tan, i've tried pretty much every brand you could think of under the sun so i'm excited to put my MadameLaLa tan to the test! 
Once again, the lovely lady from MadameLaLa Nicole was so sweet and her nails were awesome! Expect a blog review of this tan soon! check out madamelala here

Ooooh and they've also been featured in Vogue, they must be amazing!

Now after all that mingling it was certainly time for a refreshment! The cocktails looked amazing but a little on the pricey side so I only treated myself to one!

I got 'Monkey Brains' as you can see the way Mahiki serve the cocktails is certainly impressive however I couldn't carry this monkey everywhere so I took the glass.. out of it's brain...
It was delicious though! Anything with banana liqueur i'm all hands up for.

 There were comfy sofas all around the bar which was cool and this is what my view looked like!

Even though I was at the event when it just started I still found myself so busy talking to other bloggers and brands that I unfortunately missed out a few, at the next hub on monday I will get everything I promise! 

I also met Leannelimwalker who I now know works with the blogger programme, the picture is on my instagram here (my night was made and she is so sweet!).

All in all, it was a very enjoyable event, everyone is so friendly so it would be great for newbies - I wouldn't worry if you're going solo as there are hosts walking about making sure everyone is a-okay. The only criticism I would have, would be to turn up the lights! It was so hard to get some good photos, but then again Emily Darcy was there who is a photography queen and was giving us all tips and tricks! I now officially know what an F-stop is, neat huh?

Looking forward to next week!
Who will I see there?

P.S - Let's give a big clap to Danielle from Bloggers Love!

Lots of love and have a lovely blogging day,



  1. Aww sounds like a brill event and looks like you had an awesome time. Such a shame I couldn't make it! x

    1. it was lovely!! are you going to any of the others?x


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