Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Easy Way To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes; Why It's So Important

If you think how much gunk goes into your make-up brushes then you put that onto your face the next day, while your brushes are just sitting out in the open with all of that bacteria to attach to the gunk which you then put on your face... ew.
 Cleaning your make-up brushes regularly is so important, not only does it save you having to put eye-shadow on with your finger because all your eye brushes are covered in dark eye-shadow, but it prevents skin break outs because it's lessening the amount of bacteria that's going on your face. 
 Oh, and of course the softness of a freshly washed brush... aaaaah. *bliss*

Ooooooh don't they just all look so pretty and clean!

I'll admit cleaning my make-up brushes is probably my least favourite part of the whole beauty regime, it's tedious, boring and my hands go all wrinkly!
You wouldn't leave all your hair on your hairbrush all the time, the leftover toothpaste just left on your toothbrush now would you?
So let's get it over with ladies (and guys)!

You Will Need:

- Dirty Brushes
- Non abrasive shampoo/brush cleaner/hand soap if you're desperate

Step One:
Run the warm water from the tap and dampen your brush, being really careful to not get it past the second part of the ferrule as the hot water will seep in and melt the glue - causing the bristles to fall out. 
Step Two:
Put a blob of whatever product you are using to clean your brushes (i prefer using any kind of shampoo as I find this softens the bristles)
Step Three:
Swirl the tip of the brush into the shampoo and begin to massage it into the especially dirty areas till no extra colour remains.
Step Four:
Simply rinse off and gently squeeze into shape, leave to dry on a towel.

I hope you found this useful and that it inspires you to get cleaning your brushes!

Have a lovely day,

lots of love,

Shivon xoxo



  1. Wow I really love your blog, particularly your amazing makeup looks they really inspire me! And this post was really helpful! :) x

  2. I haven't cleaned my make-up brushes! I am THE worst. But I'm saving this post and I'm going to do it this weekend!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥


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