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Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

The palette of art, pigmentation and beauty... but how worth the price tag is it? Do you need this crazy palette?..

The palette contains 10 pressed pigments and the palette itself was inspired by a previous Urban Decay beauty called 'Chaos' which came inside the limited edition Vice palette which I didn't get the chance to grab hold of. -gutted-
The palette itself retails for £38 from Debenhams which sounds quite pricey at first, but if you think about it a MAC pigment will set you back about £17 for a full size and that's just one colour. Urban Decay's brand was usually all about creativity, fun and colour - until they released their Naked line and the Naked Palettes became such a huge success as they are today.
Now don't get me wrong, I'm in love with my original Naked Palette as much as the next make-up junkie. However, this palette brings so many endless possibilities - and I really do think that every make-up junkie needs this in their collection. Enough with the neutrals already! Try something different.
The newer Urban Decay packaging is something I am a huge fan of, the previous Naked 1 Palette and the Smoked Palette (blogpost link here) were the cardboard feel - which slightly downgraded the price tag for me personally. They gave you a rather decent sized mirror but you couldn't stand the mirror up anywhere for convenience. They improved their game majorly when they released the Vice 2 Palette, as that babies mirror stands up for itself! The mirror in this palette is large, and the palette is a good sturdy plastic, so you can adjust the mirror to where you want it. Brilliant! 

On to the actual pressed pigments themselves -
Top Row Left to Right - Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage, Fringe
Bottom Row Left to Right - Chaos, Jilted, Urban, Freak, Thrash

My eyes are instantly drawn to Slowburn, Thrash and Urban!

Swatchy swatchy swatch

Left to right - Revolt, Gonzo, Slowburn, Savage & Fringe.

The colour pay off on this silver pigment is such excellent as goes with 9/10 Urban Decay eye-shadows I've tried. Surprisingly it has a bit of an almost buttery finish rather than a chalky one - which is always a bonus! As with any metallic/glittery shadow you're going to get some fall out - especially with Urban Decay eyeshadows; or in this case pressed pigments! However, this doesn't really bother me because if i'm doing a strong eye look I always do the eyes first.
Dupable? Yes. 

This is probably the only 'meh' shade for me in the palette - you get a lot for what you pay for this palette so I can't really complain too much, but if I was going to be super super critical I would say to replace this shade with another unusual eye-shadow, maybe a vibrant red or another purple shade (i do love my purples...) - because I just think this is a muted version of Chaos. This eye-shadow has a nice consistency - although it's most likely going to be my least used shade in the palette.
Dupable? Yes.

Omg, oh my god, o em gee.. I cannot get enough of how amazing this colour is. I have never seen an eye-shadow that I can recall thinking - how are you going to dupe that? It's like a reddish, orange, corally omg I don't even know kind of shade. Has tiny specks of shimmer running throughout it and this is my favourite shade out of the palette just before Urban. A dark smokey eye with this blended into the crease and you're off on the town! Be a bit careful with over-doing this eye-shadow otherwise you may look a bit ill. Easy to blend and makes me go ahh every time I swatch this!
Dupable? Not yet! If so leave a comment below I'd really be interested!

What an interesting name choice for this hot pink shade Urban Decay? When I think hot pink I think of Barbies or an exotic sunset. Now, if you are 15+ and think of a hot pink eye-shadow you'll probably think of something along the lines of  ' I'd rather not look like a drag queen thank you'. I'm not going to lie, i'm probably not to going to use this shade that often, but let me convert you... 
(This is not my image)

Now how gorgeous does that look?
Dupable? Yes if you go to the right brands.

Again, a very interesting name - but a gorgeous teal/green colour. This one is perfect for brown or hazel eyes - it will really make them pop! This is the kind of colour that I used to wear all the time when I first got into make-up, because I have green eyes I used to love shades like this. I'm not too sure why, but this one I find a little bit of a struggle to blend, but if you have persistance it is beautiful!
Dupable? Yes - MAC is probably your best bet. Humid is a darker alternative. (mac eyeshadow post here).

OMG, I can totally see why this was so hyped about when the Vice Palette came out, not only is it such an amazing 'electric' blue shade (get the pun hehe) but because they've reformulated this into a pressed pigment - one tap and you have more than enough. The pigmentation is tip top top tip, it has a gorgeous texture and longevity. Cannot get enough.
Dupable? Very hard - but possibly MAC or Inglot.

This is such a beautiful shade, a berry colour. If I were to be super critical - this isn't really an 'electric shade' a gorgeous shade nevertheless. When you swatch it, it does turn more on the pinkier side that it looks in the pan.
Dupable? Yep. Hit up mac cranberry for a darker version or search through Inglot.

Who loves purple shadows! I do i do i do! I have always had a keen obsession with purple shades, I think it is one of those colours that you can just suit to everyone. A softer lavender colour would be perfect for a light blue/green eye or a brown would look divine too! But this colour - oh my god, sweet jesus of make-up. I cannot describe how much I love this, so pigmented, creamy and easy to blend.
Dupable? It better be hard because I've been looking for the perfect purple for years.

A true bright green colour - not the most wearable, but then again; is this palette wearable?.. why the hell not! I reckon this would look good on darker skins with brown eyes - just a touch though!
Dupable? Yes.

This is just amazing, I wore this on the inner corner of my eyes when I went to IMATS London this year (blogpost link) with Urban on the lid and a mix of Jilted and Slowburn in the crease and Kassiapoh (oh i do love her) said my eyes look like a sunset. Sweetest compliment all day!
Dupable? The only place I can think of that you could possibly dupe this is possibly Sugarpill.

Overall; I really think this palette is worth the money - if you are going to use at least 3/4 of the shades - if there's one you're particular drawn to try and find a dupe for it! Inglot, MAC and Sugarpill are all good ones of bright colours.

This is a look that I created using the palette;

You can watch the tutorial I created here;

I hope you enjoyed this detailed review of my current obsession! It took a lot of effort and time so I hope it goes down well! Have you bought this palette and what do you think of it? Are you planning to buy it?

Have a lovely day!

shivon xoxo



  1. This palette is gorgeous! I had been wondering for a while now if anyone had tried it :) Sleek's Del Mar and Rio Rio palettes offer similar colours at a more affordable price however I can't get over how pigmented the Urban Decay colours look in your photos! :)
    Lil x

    1. I know isn't it just beautiful, i love experimenting with make-up! It is a form of art after all! ;) I might have to give them a go! xx

  2. Hi Shivon! I love the looks you created with this palette, I was looking something like this. Thank you!

    Distrito Belleza


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