Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New CID Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Crayon Review

The best thing (that everyone denies but we all know it's true) about reading one of your favourite magazines is the little freebie inside! I got an interesting lip product in this months cosmo from a brand that I've never heard of before - and seeing as I'm getting all into the bloggy biz at the moment I decided to put it up to the test...

I quite like the look of this product - the packaging is cool how it shoes the shade on the end of the stick and the silver topper makes it look tres' chic'. I've been researching 'new cid' cosmetics on the interwebs, and judging by the feelunique website prices of products seem to be in the £12-£26 bench mark, so hitting the mac price mark. Their products are different and original and I'm interested in picking up a few to try out!(keep your eyes peeled)

The little freebie is the New CID Lip & Cheek Crayon in 'Plum Cordial'

Swatches -

As you can see from the swatch and the above picture of my lips (that yes I have blurred out my skin, but I haven't edited my lips at all - my skin was rather grose) it's a gorgeous raspberry colour when applied.
It feels very balmy and moisturising - the wear of it lasted about 2 hours before I felt like I needed a touch up, with for a tint balm type product I think is quite good.
However, on the cheeks; it's pretty much useless I did three little stripes of the tint at the start and blended them with my finger and it pretty much disappeared, I had to add quite a lot more for it really to take affect. 

Overall, I quite like this little freebie - but I wouldn't picture purchasing this myself just because of the price tag (which I can't actually find a link for) but I will definitely be popping this into my handbag for touch ups!

Have you tried anything from this brand? Would be really interested in what you think!

Have a lovely day,

Shivon xoxo


  1. I just bought Cosmo to try this out as well in the same shade - it's rather lovely and I might get another mag with another colour, but prob won't buy the crayon itself if it's over £10!

  2. aha yeah that is the way to do it! everyone loves a good freebie! xx

  3. I bought Cosmo 3 times for all the colours i love them. Xx


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