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Bh cosmetics; Professional Blush Palette Review

BHcosmetics 10 Color Palette
Professional Blush

You can purchase this here:

I recently picked this up from Amazon, and I thought I would do a review on it. It cost me £12.55 with free delivery, which I thought was a right bargain for 10 blushes. The palette itself feels quite sturdy, although I couldn't imagine accidently dropping it onto a hard floor and it completely surviving. I do like the packaging it looks sleek and professional.

Palette Closed
 The palette open without flash (studio lighting coming in from the left)
 The palette open with flash (studio lighting coming in from the left) 

It has a good range of blushes, with slight (not major) variation in finishes and textures. I was instantly drawn to the blush (top row 4th from the left) and the dolly pink colour (bottom row, 1st from the left).

Picture of the first 4 blushes (without flash)

Swatches (studio lighting, no flash)

1st Blush (Top row, far left): 

This blush has a nice creamy texture, and is a very brown toned blush, i'd pretty much call this a bronzer. 

2nd Blush (Top row, 2nd along):

This blush feels nice, however unfortunately it has a very sheer colour pay-off which I'm not that big of a fan of. 

3rd Blush (Bottom row, far left):

This blush has such a lovely, creamy blend-able texture, even though it is a powder. It's pigmentation is okay, but not amazing.

4th Blush (Bottom row, 2nd along):

This is a nice mauvey toned pink, it feels nice but again the colour pay off doesn't impress me.

Next set of 4 blushes (with studio lighting coming in from the left, no flash)

Next set of 4 blushes (with studio lighting coming in from the left, with flash)

Swatches (studio lighting, no flash)

Seperate Blush Reviews (Starting from the left)

1st Blush (top row, far left):

This blush is one of those annoyingly gorgeous and beautiful shimmery powders, that when you apply to the skin the shimmer just doesn't come up. However, I do appreciate the colour pay off on this, it's nice and pretty, I'd describe this blush as a 'babydoll pink'.

2nd Blush (top row, middle):

This blush is a mix between a pink and a coral colour I would describe it as. It's colour pay off is lovely, although it seems to be that you get one or the other in this palette - the consistency or the colour pay off, this time the colour pay off is lovely, although the blush has a slight chalky texture which I'm definitely not a fan of.

3rd Blush (Bottom row, far left):

This blush is literally orange, there is no other way to describe it. This is my least favourite I swatched out of the palette, although in saying that I haven't tested it on my face. It's chalky and the pay-off is crap.

4th Blush (Bottom row, middle):

Although it is quite sheer, I do quite like this blush. Because it's so scaringly bright barbie pink, it's quite nerve-wracking to use a blush this pink (well me personally anyway), but because it's sheer, it gives a beautiful finish on the cheeks. It really brightens your complexion.

The last two in the palette, I would describe more as bronzers than blushers.
Unfortunately I forgot to get a swatch for these - but they are you standard bronzer colours.

Overall, I like this palette, I don't hate it but I am not obsessed with it. It's good value for the price you pay considering a mac blush is around the same amount as this palette.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Perfect for girls just starting out in make-up, who want to experiment a little without breaking the bank.

I hope you have a lovely day and don't forget to check out my youtube channel: shivonmakeupbiz xxxx


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