Sunday, 10 June 2012

Woo! Super Excited! :)

i love feeling like i'm one step closer to my dream...

This Saturday I have a trial run to do someone's wedding make-up!

To some of you, that might not be that amazing, but to me I think it's awesome! To have a trial run to do someone's wedding make-up! The biggest day of their life and they might (if it all goes well) let me do their make-up for their special day! I'm only 17 and super excited :D

Gonna stock up on disposable mascara wands and hygiene essentials throughout the week and do some research... :)

I want to make people feel good about themselves, that they feel somewhat prettier and more confident when I have touched them with a make-up brush, that's the best feeling, when I've done my friend's/families make-up in the past, and their reaction is 'OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT' and you can tell from their body language and facial expressions how confident they feel, and it's all down to you - that's the best feeling.

I will write about how it went, also, if you do actually follow me on all of these social networking sites, like my YouTube, I have a Barry M magnetic nail polish review and tutorial to upload, but after that there won't be anymore make-up tutorials till after the end of June because I am ordering myself a studio light to film with! So my videos will be a lot higher quality and I have a lot of ideas to film but I want to film them with decent lighting :)


Wish me luck!

Stop at nothing to achieve your dreams and ambitions, every step is a step closer!

Lots of love shivvy xoxoxoxo
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